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Want a Magni 3 at a discount?
Want something assembled by a student?
Want to help some more students?
Yes? Then you want a Magni 3 "Student Edition" headphone amp and preamp. Order now, and you'll get a Magni that was assembled by local students, plus the profits from the sale will go back to benefit Santa Clarita students (that's where we're from).
"Child labor?" you ask, raising an eyebrow. "Because that's what 'built by a student' sounds like to me!"
No, no, nothing so sinister. Here's how the Magni SE came to be:
Manufacturing in Southern California is a pretty big deal. And there are specific programs to introduce students to manufacturing, like the STREAM Expo Manufacturing Day event in Santa Clarita, CA (our home town—Valencia is part of Santa Clarita). So, on October 4, 2019, Schiit Audio joined companies like Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Curtiss-Wright, and NASA-JPL to engage middle and high school students at the Expo. We felt a bit like a kid who has been invited to eat at the adults table for the first time. 
But then there was the question: how do you teach a bunch middle school and high school kids about manufacturing at Schiit Audio in a way that is engaging and fun, especially when you're up against some big names?
Simple: we had them build Magni 3s. 
We brought pre-tested circuit boards, metal chassis parts, knobs, screws, screwdrivers, some tablets, headphones, and six very awesome Schiit employees and matched them up with some very intelligent and enthusiastic young people. Under the guidance of Schiit Quality Assurance and Production staff members, kids installed the circuit board in to the chassis and completed final assembly steps, tested each unit, and then stuck a bright shiny Manufacturing Day 2019 sticker on the bottom of each unit.  
The best part? Our promise that the student-built Magnis would then be sold and the profits would benefit the local schools.
The second-best part? We gave a bunch of kids a reason to say the word “Schiit” and their chaperones couldn’t say a damn thing.
After the Expo, we brought the student-built Magnis back to the factory and had our Quality Assurance department run each and every unit through their pace, to ensure you're getting a great Magni. And now we're selling them here. A portion of the money will be given to the event organizer,, to help them run Manufacturing Day 2020, and the rest of the profits from the sale of these units will be donated back to benefit the students of Santa Clarita.
We hope you'll buy a Magni SE, enjoy a nice discount, and benefit our local schools. 

 See the main Magni 3 page.

So, I see you're bringing back US manufacturing using child labor. Cool!
Actually, we've been manufacturing in the USA since the beginning, paying well above minimum wage for all of our positions. But in this case, the students built the products to learn about manufacturing, and we're giving the profits back to the school. Sound good? We promise, no whips were used in the manufacturing of Magni SE.

Hey waiddaminute! How do I know you're giving money to the students?
Fair question. We'll post the receipt after we donate the profits to the school.

More FAQs at the main Magni 3 page.