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Choosing a DAC/Amp

Desktop Simplicity

So you don't want to give up a lot of desk space, but you want better sound. Good news! We have plenty of one-box options. Or go for a "stack" (separate amp stacked on top of DAC) for more flexibility. 

Fulla E, $109. Fulla plugs into virtually any computer and drives most headphones with ease. It also provides a microphone input, so it is perfect for gaming or home office use. 

Choose Fulla E for:

Home office or gaming
Most bang for the buck
Most headphones

See Fulla E

Hel+, $199. Hel 2E ups the power and flexibility for mission-critical gaming and office communications. Features 3 gain levels, 3 year warranty, and 1 year hot-swap.

Choose Hel for:

Home office or gaming
Much higher power, optical input, gain switching
Most headphones

See Hel+

Asgard 3, from $249. Asgard 3 is an insanely affordable, configurable amp or amp/DAC that works with pretty much any headphone. With 500mW of Class A bias and 3500mW RMS power output, it delivers great sound, and tons of power.

Choose Asgard for:

Excellent performance for virtually any headphone 
Single-box desktop solution with an added DAC card
No obsolescence—modular and upgradable for the future

See Asgard 3

Jotunheim 2, from $399. Jotunheim 2 is a fully balanced amp that works perfectly with pretty much any headphone—balanced, single-ended, IEM, planar, whatever. Plus, it can be customized with an ES9028 DAC, or MM phono preamp.

Choose Jotunheim 2 for:

End-game performance for both balanced and single-ended sources and headphones
Tons of power and a very low noise floor, ideal for any headphone
No obsolescence—modular and upgradable for the future

See Jotunheim 2

Stack, $238-4,498. If you're looking for something different—tubes, multibit DACs, etc, you can also create your own system by choosing a separate amp and DAC from our broad line and stacking them on top of each other. Fair warning: at the top end, the stacks are big and not exactly desk-friendly!

Choose a Stack for:

Ultimate in flexibility to mix and match
Advanced needs, such as tubes, multibit DACs, or phono

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