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iOS Connections

Connecting to iPads and iPhones

It's possible to use your iPad or iPhone as a source, as long as you're willing to buy an Apple dongle and/or maybe some cables. Here you go:

Connecting to an iPhone or iPad

Digital (Lightning Connector): If you have an iPhone or iPad running iOS7 or above with the Lightning connector, you can use the Lightning to USB 3 Adapter from Apple. You'll also need a USB cable to connect to your DAC. Links for these are below:
Apple Lightning to USB 3 Adapter (allows for charging of the iOS device)

Fancy USB A-B Cable (for DACs that use full-size USB B connectors—check before buying!)
Important: we have not tested with third-party Lightning to USB adapters or cables—use ONLY Apple products in order to ensure that this connection will work!

Digital (USB-C): If you have an iPad with the USB-C connector, all you need is a USB-C to USB-B or USB-Micro cable to connect to our DACs. In some cases, you may need to also use an external USB powered hub to avoid the "this device draws too much power" error. 

Analog: Some iPhones and iPads can be can connected to a preamp or headphone amp via the headphone jack, if they still have one. You can do this with the following cable. 
Important: Please note that the headphone output has 6dB less output than typical line-level sources like DACs, so they may not get you to full volume.