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Basic Setup and Windows 7/8.1 Drivers

If you have a Hel or Fulla 3, getting started should be as easy as plugging in your gaming headphones (using the Y-adapter usually supplied with the gaming headphones), connecting the Hel or Fulla 3 to your computer, and, with Hel, also connecting the USB power supply. 

From there, your computer should see the Hel or Fulla 3 as both an input device and an output device. If it doesn't, or if the microphone input sounds weird (too quiet or distorted), you may need to take a few more steps. See below


Most computers won't need drivers. Windows 10, MacOS, and Linux distros that support UAC2 won't need drivers at all. Only some older Windows versions (7 and 8.1) will need drivers for Fulla 3 and Hel. If you are using an antique operating system, here are the drivers:

Schiit Gaming Drivers (Hel, Fulla 3, 1.03, 36MB)

Once you’ve downloaded the drivers:

Step 1: Go to your Downloads folder (or Desktop, or wherever you had Windows put the drivers.)

Step 2: Double-Click on the "Schiit_Gaming_Drivers_103.zip" file to expand it.

Step 3: Click on the "Schiit_Gaming_Drivers_103" folder to open it.

Step 4: Connect the Hel or Fulla 3 with the supplied USB cable, or another USB 2.0-rated cable

Step 5: Double-click on setup.exe. This begins the driver installation.

Step 6: Follow the prompts from the installation program to install the drivers. You may have to restart your computer.

Step 7: Enjoy your music!

Additional Microphone Setup

For most systems, no additional adjustment will be needed for Fulla 3. It has automatic gain control to adjust microphone volume. For Hel, start with the microphone gain knob at noon (that is, indicator line pointing straight up) and adjust up or down to your individual preferences.

For some microphones, in some systems, you may need to make additional changes. If your microphone input sounds distorted, the gain may be set too high. If your microphone input is too quiet, the gain may be set too low. In either case, you will need to adjust the microphone volume either through Windows or through your game.

To adjust microphone volume in Windows:

Step 1: Locate and right-click the Sound icon in the Taskbar.

Step 2: Open "Sound Settings."

Step 3: Under the Input section, select “Device Properties." 

Step 4: Reduce the volume setting if your microphone sounds distorted, or increase the setting if the microphone is too quiet.

Some games and VoIP software will override the microphone volume level. In these cases:

Step 1: Find the Voice or microphone settings in the individual game, or in your VoIP software.

Step 2: Adjust the microphone level to your preferences.

Just a few examples:


  1. In Fortnite, click the 3 lines on the top right, then select the cog icon to open the settings menu.
  2. At the top of the screen, click the speaker icon to view the Audio settings.
  3. Set the Voice Chat Input Device to “Schiit Hel”.
  4. Adjust Voice Chat Volume to desired level.

League of Legends

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the League of Legends UI
  2. Select Voice from the menu
  3. Select Input Device as “I'm Fulla Schiit" or "Schiit Hel”
  4. Adjust volume to preferred level.


  1. In World of Warcraft, press the escape key on your keyboard
  2. Select System
  3. Select Voice Chat
  4. Select Microphone Device as “I'm Fulla Schiit" or "Schiit Hel”.
  5. Adjust volume and sensitivity to preferred level.

You get the picture, right? Enjoy your Fulla 3 or Hel!