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15mm aluminum knobs



Ships 1-3 days



These 15mm milled aluminum knobs are the perfect fit for Magni, Vali, and Lokius. Available in matte silver with notch and black with dot. 

No, they won't improve sound, but great if you want the Raiders look (silver on black) or just want to change up your Magni, Vali, or Lokius. They're also a lot nicer than the old shell knob.

How do I get the old knob off/put the new one on?
Pull the old knob off, push the new one one. Easy!

Does this fit all Magnis, Valis, etc?
It fits any Magni or Vali that came with a 15mm knob. This will include all Magni 3+ and Heretic, as well as Vali 2+ and 2++. Lokius is also good. When in doubt, measure. 15mm is 0.59" for us 'merikkans, or about 5/8."