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It’s a Beverage Holder! It’s a Hybrid Amp!


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Looking for the quintessential Schiit schwag? Look no further. Here’s a set of four PC board coasters, perfect for resting your drink on. Well, at least if you don’t mind maybe still ruining the nice wood finish underneath the coaster, because these things have holes in them. 
Yes, that’s right—these coasters are made out of PC board material. And yes, that’s right, they have a PC board pattern etched on them. It’s even plated in gold (technically, Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold, or ENIG.)
Aaaannnddd…you can build these coasters into a working hybrid headphone amp if you’re a super-mega-geek like us. The docs are available at schiit.com/coaster. Have fun!

When used as a coaster:

Frequency Response: none
Power Output: zero
THD: huhwhut?
IMD: I dunno
SNR: nope
Crosstalk: I’ll guess with you
Output Impedance: noneInput Impedance: you’re kidding, right?
Gain: none
Topology: standard horizontal coaster
Protection: none
Power Supply: NA
Power Consumption: zero (very green!)
Size: 3.5” diameter x 0.062” thick
Weight: about 1 oz or maybe less (come on, it’s a coaster, you think we weighed it?)
When built as an amp (schiit.com/coaster):
Frequency Response: not terrible, but not exciting (like 10-100K, -1dB or so)
Power Output: much less than anything else we make (like, less than Fulla 2, maybe 400mW into 32 ohms, all in, 10% THD or so)
THD: about 0.5% at 1V RMS (6418 tubes) or about 1.5% at 1V RMS (6088 tubes)
IMD: didn’t bother measuring, this amp ain’t about measurement
SNR: not CIEM friendly, about 90-95dB or so referenced to 1V, A weighted, depends a bit on the tubes
Crosstalk: yes, about -75dB 20-20k
Output Impedance: about 8 ohms (yes, 8, not 0.8, not 0.08), in case you didn’t get the memo, this ain’t a high-performance amp
Input Impedance: 50k
Gain: about 3-4 (depends on tube) 
Topology: subminiature pentode in triode-strapped mode, discrete Class AB output stage
Protection: time delayed relay mute on startup
Power Supply: uses standard Schiit 16VAC wall-wart
Power Consumption: about 2W
Size: 3.5” diameter x 1.25” thick at highest point. Or so. 
Weight: maybe 4-5 ounces, unless you went crazy on audiophile caps or something

So you guys think you’re DIY gods now?
Nope. If you read the chapters linked from schiit.com/coaster, you’ll read us say things like, “any other company doing DIY is better,” and “don’t choose us for DIY, we really can’t support this.”

So why bother doing it?
Because we thought it was funny. And we could use some coasters.
So you don’t want us to build it?
You know, you say, “so” a lot?
No, seriously, I don’t get this. Why do something that you don’t want us to build?
Why say ‘hell with it, ain’t goin into work today, I’m gonna hit the open road?’” Why choose the life of a touring musician, making peanuts playing in front of grumpy crowds that don’t understand your work, when your parents wanted you to be a lawyer? Why put a car in space, when you knew ten million self-appointed experts on What is Right and Good would harrumph and moan about the decision on Twitter? Does everything need to make rational sense, in the way you define it? 
Ah hell, you guys are crazy!
You’re getting it now!
But…I don’t. I still don’t get it.
Look. We like to have fun. We play around a lot. This is one of the things we played with. So, if you want a set of four coasters that look like a Schiit PCB for a funny gift or stocking-stuffer or whatever, then you can buy some and enjoy them as coasters. If you have a DIY bent, then you can build one or more of the coasters into a small tube hybrid amp, one that bears some small resemblance to the original Vali—right down to the ringing, microphonic tubes.
Is this the original Vali?
Nope. Again, read the chapters linked to from schiit.com/coaster. Seriously, the words won’t bite. It’s a simpler version that runs much lower voltage, and is much lower performance. 
Wow, doesn’t sound very impressive.
Have a listen. It ain’t bad.
Cool. I’ll build one. Do you sell the parts? 
Nope. See the disclaimer on the back of the board.
Can I get someone on the phone so they can walk me through how to build it?
Can you help me when I build one and it doesn’t work?
Again, nope. See the disclaimer.
Wow, you’re not making this easy. It’s almost like—
--like any other DIY company would be a better choice? Yep. Now you’re getting it. If you want to build it, great. But we can’t provide the support. Lots of other companies can. Probably best to buy some of their products, and just use this as a coaster.