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Yggy+ Chassis

Upgrade Your Original Yggy to Yggy+



Queue 1-2 weeks



Want to upgrade your original Yggdrasil to a remote-controlled version with NOS mode with a new, slim chassis that has you ready for the future? Then you want the this upgrade.

An Yggdrasil+ upgrade gets you:
  1. A remote control.
  2. NOS mode (non-oversampling, yeah, turn off our digital filter if you want.)
  3. An additional front panel button for mute (it's on the remote, too.)
  4. A new, sleek chassis that looks 10,000% better (looks are subjective, yeah, we hear you).
  5. A new, sleek chassis that makes upgrades and any other modular changes wayyyyy easier.
  6. If you have the old Gen 3 USB, we'll upgrade you to Gen 5 because we love you, and because we have lots of Gen 5 cards laying around. This upgrade does not include an upgrade to Unison USB from any version.

Also, if you want to add additional upgrades at the same time, like Unison USB or Less is More, we can do all the upgrades at the same time.

This upgrade involves changing the chassis--as in, we take your Yggdrasil in, swap all the boards over to a new chassis, add a new front panel board, test everything, burn it in, make sure everything is good, and send it back to you. This also means it has to come back to us, or to a handful of qualified distributor. Sorry about that, but with this change, you're pretty much set for any change we might make in the future, and your Yggy+ won't have to come back to us again.
Schiit Scheduling System Reduces Upgrade Time
Our convenient scheduling system that allows you to keep your Yggdrasil until we’re ready to do your upgrade immediately. Just place your order, and follow the steps in the series of emails. You’ll be notified when your order is accepted, when to send in your DAC, when the work is performed, and when it’s shipped back to you, for complete transparency.
2-Year Warranty Reactivation
If your Yggdrasil is out of warranty, choosing the Yggdrasil+ upgrade reactivates the warranty for 2 years. One caveat: Schiit may refuse to do upgrades on heavily modified products. Like all Schiit installed upgrades, Yggdrasil+ upgrades cannot be returned. 

Does this include Unison USB in the upgrade?
No. If you don't have Unison USB, and you'd like to get Unison USB, order it at the same time and we'll do everything at once. If you have USB Gen 3, we'll upgrade that to USB Gen 5 as part of your upgrade. 

Why is there a different price between black and silver?
Because anodized silver is more expensive. The price only reflects the color you are choosing. If you choose to go from silver to black, there's no upcharge. If you choose to go from black to silver or silver to silver, it's an additional $100. 

But I already have silver!
Yes! And unlike in Lord of the Rings-style movies, we don't have magical wizards who can transform your silver top from the original version to the new version, with lots of swirly effects and wooshing sounds. So you have to pay for a new top. And a silver top is more expensive than a black one. Sorry about that, but we do operate in the real world here.

Hey, what are you gonna do with my old chassis?
We're going to give it to magical elves to turn it into a new...no, wait, nevermind. We're gonna recycle it. We certainly aren't going to build any old-style Yggys with it, if that's what you're worried about. All new Yggdrasils are Yggdrasil+es. 

What if I want it back?
Why? You gonna turn it into a fishtank or something? But yeah, if you want it back, we're happy to send it back. You'll have to pay for packaging and shipping, though--contact [email protected] for an estimate. 

Hey, I'd like a Less is More or More is Less upgrade at the same time. How do I do that?
Add them to your order, and we'll do them all at once.