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Replacement Tubes For Your Schiit

Tube Type and Quantity


Ships 1-3 days



Need replacement tubes? It's best to shop elsewhere. We are very expensive, and we don't do anything else special to the tubes that other tube providers do. Yes, ours are matched. But they do that too. So please go to Tube Depot or TheTubeStore and buy from them--you'll save some money, and you'll also get to pick your exact tubes. 

However, if you want replacement tubes from us, we have you covered. Here's what we have:

6SN7 Premium Singles for Saga, Saga+, Lyr 3, and Lyr+ Contact us for more information
6SN7 Premium Matched Quads for Freya and Freya+ Contact us for more information
6BZ7 NOS Singles for Vali 2 and 2+
6BZ7 NOS Matched Pairs for Lyr, Lyr 2, and Mjolnir 2
6N1P and 6N6P NOS Matched Pairs for Valhalla and Valhalla 2
6N1P (x2) and 6N6P (x8) Matched Set for Folkvangr
6N1P (x4) Matched Set for Freya N
6N3P NOS Singles for Vali 2++


Everyone else sells tubes cheaper than you. What gives?
Yes, you can order tubes pretty much anywhere (Tubedepot, TheTubeStore, eBay, etc) wayyyyy cheaper than us. Our prices are high not because we hate you, but because getting 4000 tubes is a lot harder than getting 4 tubes. If you love us, you'll buy tubes elsewhere, so we can reserve tubes for making new products, replacing premature failures, and serving our customers who really, really want to buy overpriced tubes from us.

But I want the factory tubes from you!
There's no difference between the tubes we sell and the ones you can buy elsewhere. Make sure to pick matched tubes. They'll still be far cheaper than buying from us.

What happens if the world runs out of tubes?
Then we have other problems, don't you think?

No, seriously.
Here's the deal: the world isn't going to run out of tubes. Tubes won't become unobtanium. Tube prices are just high right now. They may go down as availability increases, or as new-production tube manufacturers enter the market. They also may go up. But tubes aren't going to go away.