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Replacement Tubes For Your Schiit


Out of stock



Due to the worldwide tube shortage, we are limiting our tube sales to Schiit owners. Please contact [email protected] with your product, serial number, and order number to place an order.

Tube sets you can request include:

6SN7 Premium Singles for Saga, Saga+, and Lyr 3
6SN7 Premium Matched Quads for Freya and Freya+
6BZ7 NOS Singles for Vali 2
6BZ7 NOS Matched Pairs for Lyr, Lyr 2, and Mjolnir 2
6N1P and 6N6P NOS Matched Pairs for Valhalla and Valhalla 2

Prices vary by tube set requested. 


Wait a sec! No tubes? How can you do this to us?
We do have tubes...but we're reserving them for Schiit owners. If you own one of our products and want to buy tubes from us, contact [email protected] and let us know what you need.

What happens if you run out of tubes?
It's still pretty easy to find the tubes we use in small quantities, even some very nice NOS tubes. It's just very difficult to find them in production quantities. You shouldn't have a problem finding tubes for your products, and they may even cost less than buying from us.

What happens if the world runs out of tubes?
Then we have other problems, don't you think?