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Tubes For All Your Schiit

Tube Type and Quantity




Please contact [email protected] if you require replacement tubes for the following:

6SN7 Premium New Production Singles for Saga, Saga+, and Lyr 3
6SN7 Premium New Production Matched Quads for Freya and Freya+

Need replacement tubes? We have them. From the original Lyr to the latest Saga and Freya, here are all the tubes you need to keep your Schiit, er...running like new. 

On this page, you can order:

6BZ7 NOS Singles for Vali 2
6BZ7 NOS Matched Pairs for Lyr, Lyr 2, and Mjolnir 2
6N1P and 6N6P NOS Matched Pairs for Valhalla and Valhalla 2

Select the tubes you'd like using the drop-down menu above. The price will change to reflect the tubes you select.

What is "NOS?" Are the tubes supercharged?
Leaving aside the fact that automotive nitrous oxide systems have nothing to do with superchargers, "NOS" in tube parlance means "new old stock." This means "old tubes, never used, usually found in hoarders-style warehouses." We test these tubes, match them to better than 2%, and sell them as, well, New Old Stock. Most Schiit amps ship standard with NOS tubes.

What is "new production?"
These are tubes that were made on current production lines. In our case, we sell new production JJ brand tubes, because they have provided excellent performance and good consistency. In our 6SN7 applications, JJ tubes can be considered an upgrade from the Russian 6N8S tubes. 

Hey, why don't you offer (insert very expensive/rare tube here)?
Yep, we know. Tubes can get very exotic and very expensive. We don't have the dedicated staff to find these kinds of tubes, because they're usually not available in quantities suitable to mass production. There are many excellent tube resellers online that cater to exotic tubes. So, if you're looking for exotica, it's best to talk to them.

What's the warranty on your tubes?
It's just like buying a new amp—90 days on the tubes. If you have any problem in the first 90 days after you receive them, contact us and we'll swap them out.