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Computer Connections

The Wonders of USB—Or Not

"Connecting to a computer" can also mean "connecting to a streaming server via USB." Computers can make great sources, so here's how you get connected to them.

Connecting to a Computer

Analog: You can connect a preamp or headphone amp to your computer via the headphone or line-out jack. Most computers have a 1/8" stereo jack, and our gear uses RCA inputs, So you'll need a cable like this one:

1/8" to Dual RCA Cable

Digital: You can connect our DACs to Windows, Mac, many Linux computers, and some Chromebooks via USB, optical, or coaxial digital output, depending on what the computer has. USB is the most universal. To use USB, you'll need a USB A-B cable, like this:

USB A-B Cable 

Fancy USB A-B Cable

Some Apple computers also have optical digital output via the headphone jack (as well as some PC motherboards.) To use it, you'll need a cable like this:

1/8" to Standard Toslink Cable