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Choosing a Headamp

Amps for Your Headphones

Okay, so you want a headphone amp. The problem is, we have a whole bunch of them! And there are tubes and solid state, and high powered options to choose from. So, how do you pick the best amp for your headphones? Well, let's boil it down by model:

Magni 3+ or Magni Heresy, $99. When we say "this may be the only headphone amp you ever need," we really mean it. Magni will drive pretty much any hard-to-drive headphone out there, with 2.4 watts of power into 32 ohms, while being dead-silent with sensitive in-ear monitors.

Choose Magni for:

Most bang for the buck
Most headphones, from IEMs to planars
A complete desktop system with preamp outputs

See Magni

Vali 2+, from $149. Want to get a taste of great tube sound, without the wallet-exploding price? Vali's for you. It's a very serious tube amp, with a class-leading power supply, low noise for efficient headphones, and high power output for hard-to-drive headphones.

Choose Vali for:

Great tube sound, at a very low cost
The ability to "tube roll" and change the sound
Most headphones, from IEMs to planars

See Vali

Magnius, $199. Want to go balanced? Want amazing measurements? Want tons of power? Want something made in the USA by happy people getting paid well in California, at much, much less (yes, LESS) than other products made overseas? Then you want Magnius. 

Choose Magnius for:

Balanced and single-ended headphone outputs
High power, high versatility
Most headphones, from IEMs to planners

See Magnius

Valhalla 2, from $349. Now we get 100% tubes, and more arguments about whether tubes sound better or not. We don't get into those arguments. We will say that tubes sound different. Some people like tubes, and some people don't. Valhalla 2 is a great tube amp that works very well with a wide range of headphones. 

Choose Valhalla for:

100% all-triode gain stage
High-impedance headphones 
Some high-efficiency, low-ish impedance headphones

See Valhalla

Ragnarok, from $1499. Ragnarok 2 is a do-all integrated amp for both speakers and headphones—and, with optional phono and DAC modules, it can be a single-box solution for all of your needs. 

Choose Ragnarok 2 for:

A single-box complete-system solution with exceptionally high performance
Ultimate power and headroom for hard-to-drive headphones (24W at 32 ohms)
Balanced and single-ended headphones and speakers

See Ragnarok