Choosing Amps & Preamps

Systems for Driving Speakers

New to the world of speaker amps and preamps? Unsure what you need? Confused by the options to integrate with home theater? Don't panic. We'll help explain:

Saga, $349. This may be the only preamp you ever need. This no-compromises preamp offers a perfectly balanced 64-step relay volume and both passive and tube buffer output options, as well as a remote control.

Choose Saga for:

Most preamp bang for the buck (maybe on the planet)
Use with a single Vidar to drive almost any set of loudspeakers
Integration with home theater via true bypass capability

Freya, $699. Here's your 4-tube, end-game preamp, without the 4 or 5 figure price. With a perfectly balanced 128-step relay volume, passive and solid state buffer options, and full remote control with a machined aluminum remote, Freya is a stunning value.

Choose Freya for:

Ultimate flexibility in terms of inputs, outputs, and modes
Use with 2 Vidars in mono configuration (or one Vidar, or virtually any other amp)
Integration with home theater via true bypass capability

Vidar, $699. Here's the one amp you need–capable of driving virtually any pair of speakers out there with power and authority, and without the "Class D" and "switching supply" compromises you usually see at this price. 

Choose Vidar for:

Exceptional power and control
Complete safety with intelligent protection
Ability to run in mono at 400W into 8 ohms

Saga and Vidar, $1048. In our opinion, this is where everyone should start. Combine Saga and Vidar, and you have an amazingly capable, transparent, no-compromise system for just over a grand. Add any of our DACs for a complete "stack."

Choose Saga and Vidar for:

An affordable, no-compromise, remote-control speaker-driving system
The highest value to performance ratio
Perfect match to Bifrost or Bifrost Multibit in size

Freya and 2 Vidars, $2097. Now you're getting into serious capability, with Freya and 2 Vidars run in mono, for 400W per channel. This system is serious overkill, but sometimes there's no dose like an overdose!

Choose Freya and 2 Vidars for:

Exceptional power, headroom, and flexibility
The highest performance speaker-driving system from Schiit
Perfect match to Gungnir Multibit in size, Yggdrasil in width

Ragnarok, $1699. Want to simplify your life? Ragnarok combines both preamp and amp into a single box—and throws in balanced and single-ended headphone outputs and preamp outs as well. It's the one box you need to do pretty much anything.

Choose Ragnarok for:

Single-box simplicity
Speaker and headphone integration
Perfect match to Yggdrasil in size

Home Theater Integration, $0. Okay, all you "home theater bypass" guys. All of our preamps offer true home theater bypass. Just plug in your processor's front channels to any input, select Passive mode, and turn the volume all the way up. Presto! 1:1 home theater bypass, with only a relay in the signal path.