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TV Connections

Connecting to Your Big Screen

Want to use one of our DACs with your TV? No problem. Most TVs have optical outputs, and can be used with any of our standalone DACs, from Modi on up.

Connecting to TVs

Via Optical: All you need is an optical cable, and the proper setting on your TV. Specifically, you need to set your TV to "2 channel," "stereo," or "PCM" output via the TV's setup menu. If you try to send surround formats like Dolby and DTS to our DACs, it won't work.

Here's an example of the cable you need:

Toslink Optical Cable

Via an HDMI Audio Splitter: if your TV really, really, really doesn't have an optical output, (a) be very surprised, and (b) consider using an HDMI audio splitter to get that optical output you need. Here's a link to one:

HDMI Audio Splitter