Floor Wart

Multi-Outlet Adapter, AKA "Cthulu"


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No, this thing won't be winning any beauty contests. We get that. Hence the name. However, if you have a whole stack of our small products, and don't want to use every outlet in your house, this multi-output floor wart is just the ticket.

What it does is provide 4 different AC output voltages, from a 45VA transformer:

  • (1) 14VAC at 1500mA (for any of our products using 14 or 16VAC)
  • (2) 16VAC at 500mA (for any of our products using 16VAC)
  • (1) 6VAC at 1500mA (for any of our products using 6VAC)

So, if you have a stack with a Magni 2 Uber, a Modi Uber, and a Wyrd, you can throw out three wall-warts and replace them with one big box that plugs in via a pigtail (so, no covering up other outlets on a strip). You'll even have one 16VAC output left over for a future product.

Catches? Sure, Cthulu is only 115VAC/USA plug right now. We'll see how it goes for other voltages.

Exciting? Maybe not so much. Convenient? Absolutely. Ugly? Yep!