Reviews for Magni 3

$99 Gizmo Kicks Up Your Headphones Sound
Steve Guttenberg, CNET Audiophiliac

"...if you've already invested in a nice set of headphones and never tried them with an amp you don't know how good your headphones really are. You're missing out.

To test that assertion I auditioned a set of Beyerdynamic T 51p on-ear headphones plugged into my Mac Mini's headphone jack, and then with the Magni 3. The Mac Mini's sound was a tad dull and bland, while the Magni 3 had more kick and energy, so it was more fun to listen to. These headphones really shone with the Magni 3.
I also listened to the Magni 3 with a set of Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 over-the-ear headphones. The sound was crisp and clean, a big step up from what I got with listening to my iPhone 6S, which was dynamically crushed and lifeless by comparison. It wasn't even close."

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One of the best amps we've ever tested.
The Master Switch, Rob Boffard

"And when it comes down to it, what the Magni 3 offers is so compelling that we genuinely can’t think of another competitor in this particular price range. Up until about $300 – more than three times its cost – there’s simply nothing else like it. It takes all the 2-Uber-Multibit nonsense of the previous Magni generation, and simplifies it. It offers terrific sound, wonderful design, splendid ease-of-use, the ability to power just about any pair of headphones, and – as we keep harping on about – an attractive price. And even if it didn’t, it still has the greatest on-switch noise of any amp out there.

So yes: fight us in the comments. Go ahead. We love this amp, and think you will, too."

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