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Firmware and Upgrade Instructions

Bifrost 2 Current Firmware: Bifrost 2 C0088, D0105
Release Date: 9/26/2019

Release notes: This maintenance release eliminates USB lockout and solves incompatibility with some third party remote controls. No sound changes. Recommended for all Bifrost 2 owners. MicroSD cards sent to all Bifrost 2 owners for this update.

Download (bifrost 2 firmware 9 26 2019.zip)

Installation Instructions

Creating a Firmware MicroSD Card

1. Extract the zipped firmware file. You'll end up with two .dat file like this: bif2_#C00_88.dat, bif2_#D01_05.dat
2. Copy the two .dat files to a MicroSD card.

  • Format the MicroSD card FAT32 using 32KB cluster/allocation unit size
  • Write the .dat files to the root directory (that is, not in a folder)

Installing the Firmware from a MicroSD Card

1. Turn off the Bifrost 2.
2. Plug the MicroSD card into the slot on the rear panel.
3. Turn on the Bifrost 2.
4. Wait for flashing LEDs to settle on an input.
5. Remove the MicroSD card

That's it! Enjoy your updated Bifrost!