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Firmware and Upgrade Instructions

Bifrost 2/64 and Bifrost 2 Current Firmware: Bifrost 2 C0094, D0109
Release Date: 8/11/2022

Release notes: Required for Bifrost 2/64. Can be used on Bifrost 2 as well. Allows swapping of Bifrost 2 and Bifrost 2/64 analog cards without changing firmware. Enables NOS (non-oversampled) mode on all Bifrost 2 as well as Bifrost 2/64. Supersedes 7/25/2022 version; addresses sample rate glitch noted in some systems. 

Download (bifrost 2-64 firmware 8 11 2022.zip)


Installation Instructions

Creating a Firmware MicroSD Card

1. Extract the zipped firmware file. You'll end up with two .dat files like this: bif2_#C00_94.dat, bif2_#D01_09.dat
2. Copy the two .dat files to a MicroSD card.

  • Format the MicroSD card FAT32 using 32kB cluster/allocation unit size*
  • Write the .dat files to the root directory (that is, not in a folder)

Installing the Firmware from a MicroSD Card

1. Turn off the Bifrost 2.
2. Plug the MicroSD card into the slot on the rear panel.
3. Turn on the Bifrost 2.
4. Wait for flashing LEDs to settle on an input.
5. Remove the MicroSD card

That's it! Enjoy your updated Bifrost!

*It is absolutely critical to use FAT32 and 32kB cluster/allocation unit size. If you're having trouble installing firmware, wipe and reformat the SDcard with these parameters. Hidden files and directories will bork the install as well. Again. Wipe. Reformat. FAT32. 32kB cluster. Turn off Bifrost. Plug SDcard in. Label up. Push all the way in. Turn on Bifrost 2. Watch light show. Remove card. Happy life.


Older Firmware Versions

Old firmware versions are not provided, because Bifrost 2 and 2/64 do not allow the installation of older firmware. Please use the latest firmware version, linked above.