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Aeon RT & Asgard 3

Best. Value. Ever.

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Want to skip the whole audiophile chasing-rainbows-maybe thing and cut to the chase with an insanely great system way under a kilobuck? Then this package is for you!

Continuity™ Discrete Amp with 3.5W Output and ES9028 Unison USB DAC
Asgard 3 couples Continuity, our unique Class-A-like output stage, with a tweaked-by-Mike-Moffat's team Unison USB DAC card, for an all-in-one that can really make the Aeon RT sing. In fact, it's the ideal pairing with the power-hungry Aeon RT—you'll have tons of power, and reserves to spare, with Asgard 3.

Planar Magnetic Headphone with Unbeatable Sound and Ergonomics
Aeon RT Closed is all you expect from Dan Clark Audio—unique planar technology, unmatched comfort and lightness, and amazing quality that only a super-strong titanium, aluminum, and carbon fiber headphone can give you. Easy to wear for hours; fantastic with all music genres; truly the highest-value headphone that will never leave you wanting.

Both Made in California
Both Schiit Audio and Dan Clark Audio design and produce their products in California. Dan’s Aeon RT are made in their facility in San Diego, with close-coupled process control and extreme consistency. Schiit Audio’s Asgard 3 is made in Schiit’s Valencia, CA facility, with PCBs, chassis, and transformers all produced in California as well.
Solid Warranties and Easy Return Policy
Aeon RT is covered by a 2-year limited warranty, and Asgard 3 is covered by a 5-year limited warranty. If you don’t agree this is the most amazing value you can get for $679, you can send it back for a refund, minus 5% restocking fee, within 15 days of receiving it.

What the heck? Another Schiit and Dan Clark Audio amp and headphone package?
You're complaining about the deal of the century?

Well, I mean, it is a great deal, but...
No buts. Here's your chance to bypass years of trying to find the perfect combo of headphones and amp without spending a billion dollars (slight hyperbole). This is your chance to cut to the head of the audiophile line, to go straight to the chase and forego all the painful bits. For $ 679!
But…why DCA?
Simple: because they make great products with unique technology in California, just like we do. It’s a natural fit. Plus, Asgard 3 and Aeon RT Closed are exceptional together, delivering far-beyond-entry-level performance for a not-far-from-entry-level price. 
So why should I get this combo? You gonna do another deal next month?
Holy moly. We do one package this summer and one in December and you think it's package of the month club? Sure, then yeah we'll do Expanse and Ragnarok and Yggdrasil and Urd or something like that. Hope you have a giant desk. And $10K. (Seriously, who knows what we'll do in the future, but this is an insane deal). Thinking of spending $1K on headphones and a DAC/amp? Save a ton and get this instead. One and done.
Is this a good price?
Absolutely. You’re not going to do better on these two products anywhere.
Are you guys merging or something?
Not in any physical or financial way. Metaphysically is a different question. We did do a video talking about the importance (and challenge) of affordable products, and about how we voice our gear. Have a look!

How long will this combo run?
From now till we run out of Asgard 3s or Aeon RTs.
Can I get this at the Schiitr?
Definitely! Call Will at 661-495-1618 and let him know, so we can make sure to have one ready for you. Or order online and let us know you'd like to pick up. And of course we'll have a set of Aeon RTs out so you can have a listen.
Who supports and services what if I go for this?
If you want to return within the 15-day window, simply contact the company you bought the package from (Schiit or Dan Clark Audio), and we’ll get you taken care of. If you need help during the warranty period, simply contact the company that made the product you need help for. Jotunheim is Schiit, Aeon is DCA. Simple as that.
I’d really like the same thing but with an Stealth and a Lyr+ and a Skoll and custom silver cables and desk topper featuring Dan Clark and Jason Stoddard in an AI-generated renaissance master style painting, can I get that?
Nope, sorry. Just these two products, in the stated configurations. You can pick the finish of the amp, the right voltage for your country, and that's it…we hope that works for you!