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Mani 2 is simply the highest-performance affordable phono preamp, period. With super low noise and high RIAA accuracy, plus flexibility for pretty much any cartridge, MM, MC, or MI, it sets the standard for performance and capability in an affordable phono stage.  

Simply Stunning Performance
Mani 2 provides super low-noise performance that’s usually only seen in much more expensive phono preamps. Combining TI’s low-noise OPA1612 with a passive RIAA network with 2% precision film capacitors and 0.1% thin-film resistors in a DC-coupled topology, with advanced dual-filtered power supply and +/-16V rails, as well as switchable 1- or 2-pole passive LF filter, provides exceptional transparency and accuracy, as well as high overload margin, in an affordable phono preamp.
Ultimate Flexibility—Loading, Gain, and LF Filtering
Mani 2 doesn’t sacrifice flexibility for low-cost, either. In fact, Mani 2 is the most flexible, capable affordable phono preamp, period. You have total control over:
  • Gain: Choose 33, 42, 48, or 60dB of gain, for virtually any cartridge from Decca to low-output MC and MI models.
  • Loading: Choose 47KΩ, 200Ω, 47Ω, or 38Ω, and 47pF, 100pF, 150pF, or 200pF for virtually any MM, MC, or MI cartridge
  • LF Filter: Choose 6dB/octave or 12dB/octave of purely passive low-frequency filtering to help with warped records or other subsonic problems.
Designed and Built in Texas
By “designed and built in Texas,” this is what we mean: Mani 2 was designed and built at our Corpus Christi, Texas facility, and the vast majority of the total production cost of Mani 2—chassis, boards, assembly, etc—goes to US companies manufacturing in the USA. Our chassis are made in California. Our PCBs are done in Nevada. Yes, the wall-warts are made in Taiwan, but there's some give and take at this price point. 
2-Year Warranty and 15-Day Returns
Mani 2 is covered by a limited warranty that covers parts and labor for two years. That’s 2x the coverage of most amps in this price range. And, if you don’t like Mani 2, you can send it back for a refund, minus 15% restocking fee, within 15 days of receiving your product. 

Gain 1 = L, Gain 2 = L (Decca Mode)
Gain: 33dB 
THD: <0.0003%, A-weighted, ref 2V RMS
SNR: >108dB, A-weighted, ref 2V RMS
Crosstalk: -90dB, 20-20kHz
Sensitivity: 5.3mV for 300mV output
Overload Margin: >20dB

Gain 1 = L, Gain 2 = H (Standard MM Mode) 
Gain: 42dB
THD: <0.0006%, A-weighted, ref 2V RMS
SNR: >98dB, A-weighted, ref 2V RMS
Crosstalk: -90dB, 20-20kHz
Sensitivity: 1.9mV for 300mV output
Overload Margin: >20dB
Gain 1 = H, Gain 2 = L (Low Output MM/High Output MC Mode)
Gain: 48dB
THD: <0.001%, A-weighted, ref 2V RMS
SNR: >96dB, A-weighted, ref 2V RMS
Crosstalk: -80dB, 20-20kHz
Sensitivity: 1.06mV for 300mV output
Overload Margin: >20dB
Gain 1 = H, Gain 2 = H (MC Mode)
Gain: 60dB
THD: <0.0015%, A-weighted, at 2V RMS
SNR: >87dB, A-weighted, ref 2V RMS
Crosstalk: -75dB, 20-20kHz
Sensitivity: 0.33mV for 300mV output
Overload Margin: >20dB
Input Loading: 
Selectable R: 47KΩ, 200Ω, 47Ω, or 38Ω
Selectable C: 47pF, 100pF, 150pF, or 200pF 
RIAA Accuracy: +/- 0.2dB, 20-20kHz
Low Frequency Filter: 6dB/octave or 12dB/octave at 15 Hz, fully passive
Output Impedance: 75 ohms
Topology: Fully passive RIAA network with OPA1612 gain stages, OP07 DC servo, switchable passive CR LF filter, 1- or 2- pole, 0.1% thin-film resistors, and 2% film capacitors 
Power Supply: “wall wart” style 16VAC transformer, dual-filtered, regulated +/- 16V rails
Power Consumption: 4W
Size: 5 x 3.5 x 1.25”
Weight: 1 lb

So there’s now a Mani 2. Took you long enough!
Yep, over 6 years. That’s because Mani was so darn good!

If Mani was so good, why the new one?
Why a new iPhone every year?
Sorry, I forgot you guys could be snarky. How about you help us by going over the differences between Mani and Mani 2?
Sure. Here you go:
  • Noise: Wayyyyyy lower on Mani 2. Like 10-15dB lower. 
  • THD: Also way lower on Mani 2. 
  • Gains: tweaked a bit, but pretty close to Mani the Original.
  • Loading: Mani 2 adds a bunch more options versus Mani: Selectable R load of 47KΩ, 200Ω, 47Ω, or 38Ω, and selectable C load of 47pF, 100pF, 150pF, or 200pF 
  • LF Filter: Mani didn’t have any low-frequency filtering at all. Mani 2 adds a selectable 1- or 2-pole passive LF filter, centered at 15 Hz (that is, 6dB/octave or 12dB/octave roll-off.)
  • Topology: Although both use a passive RIAA filter, Mani was capacitor-coupled, Mani 2 is DC-coupled with a DC servo. Well, unless you use the passive LF filter. But that’s your choice. Choices are good! 
  • Power supply: Mani ran with a total of 10V rails (+/-5V). Mani 2 more than triples this to 32V (+/-16V). This means way more headroom.
How did you get so much better performance out of Mani 2?
Lower impedance RIAA network and lots of little tweaks. Like we said, Mani was really good. It took a lot of work to make Mani 2 a lot better. But then again, why would we do a Mani 2, if it wasn’t a lot better in every way than Mani? That’s just the way we roll.
Wow, that’s a lot of gain and loading options for an inexpensive phono preamp!
Yep, we wanted Mani 2 to be usable with pretty much any cartridge. So we gave you a lot of options.
Holy schiit that’s a stout power supply. Switcher?
Nope, 100% linear. It’s a phono preamp, for gods sake. What are you, a savage?
That sounded like a Mike Moffat response.
Maybe. Maybe not.
So you added a subsonic filter to Mani 2?
Er, well, yeah, kinda-sorta. I mean, we could have done a typical subsonic filter with a sharp roll-off, but that would mean running everything through another active stage, and we didn’t like that idea, so we did a 6dB/octave or 12dB/octave passive filter with a shallower roll-off, but which is purely passive—as in, one or two CR pairs in the signal path, that’s it. This was the best trade-off, we believe, between an active subsonic filter or no filter at all. And you can bypass the LF filter entirely on Mani 2—that’s how we ship it from the factory. 
I didn’t know you guys were into vinyl?
Sure! Why not? I mean, it’s not like all the records ever pressed suddenly went up in smoke when CDs first came on the scene. Nor did they slip into an alternate universe when everyone started using streaming. Bottom line, there’s a ton of great music out there on vinyl. 
I have an inexpensive entry-level turntable with a good moving-magnet cartridge. Is Mani 2 for me?
Absolutely. It will allow you to wring the best performance out of your turntable, and move up the scale to even better performance with higher-end cartridges, if you choose to go there.
I have a mid-priced turntable with a $350 MC cartridge. Is Mani 2 for me?
Absolutely. It has all the performance you need until you get into very rarified strata of audiophilia.
Well, you know, I’m very serious about vinyl, I have a $5,000 tube phono stage and a $15,000 turntable with a $2,500 cartridge. Is Mani 2 for me?
Probably not, but you may be surprised by how good it sounds. Consider Mani for a second table, or to recommend to friends who are “vinyl curious.”

There are a heckuva lot of settings on Mani 2. They kinda scare me.
That’s all right. For most systems, especially starter turntables with MM cartridges, Mani 2 is set up from the factory for plug and play. Just connect it and you’re ready to roll, no crazy settings necessary.
Wow, those last answers were pretty serious. What happened?
We took our pills today. But don’t worry, we’re not going to put Mani 2 up on a pedestal and set up velvet rope barriers and only allow tedious obsessives to listen to it. Mani is still all about having fun with your music. Because if you aren’t having fun with your system, your system is having fun with you!
What the hell is a Mani?
It means “peanut butter” in Spanish. But, more seriously, Mani is the personification of the moon in Norse mythology. And the moon is round. And records are round. And the night is black. And records are black. Yeah, we’re kinda simple around here. But we do make some decent electronics.
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