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Yggdrasil GS

Yggdrasil "Garage Sale" Semi-Used Edition

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What do you do when you have a bunch of used Yggdrasil Analog 1 cards that are gathering dust? Well, if you're us, you put them in an otherwise new-production Yggdrasil so we can give you a chance to get our best DAC for a very attractive price.

"But wait, used?" you say. "What do you mean by 'used,' and what do you mean by 'Yggdrasil Analog 1'?"

Good questions. 

For those of you who are new here, Yggdrasil has had two different analog cards during its lifetime. The first, Analog 1, was replaced by Analog 2 a couple of years ago. Analog 2 have a bunch of internal changes that make them sound better, but both cards use the same stunningly expensive Analog Devices AD5791BRUZ D/A converter—two per channel, or 4 per Yggdrasil.

So, after upgrading a bunch of Yggdrasils, we have a lot of used cards. These cards have expensive chips on them. So, we came up with a crazy idea: put them in new production Yggdrasils and sell them for less. That's Yggdrasil GS.

If you decide to get an Yggdrasil GS, you get:

1. Two Analog 1 cards in an otherwise complete new-production Yggdrasil.
2. New firmware that makes the Yggdrasil GS measure almost the same as Yggdrasil (see the APx555 reports for both products). Yes, we still think the Analog 2 sounds better. Yes, we're weird. 
3. A full 3 year warranty (a couple years less than Yggdrasil).
4. The older Gen 5 USB card rather than Unison USB. This may be a plus if you are using an ancient version of Windows, since Unison USB does not support any Windows OS prior to Windows 10.

For more information on Yggdrasil, please refer to the main Yggdrasil page at: https://www.schiit.com/products/yggdrasil

Hey wait a minute, if I order an Yggdrasil GS and have you do the Analog 2 Upgrade, it's less than a new Yggdrasil.
Yep, if we would do the upgrade, which we will not.

Well, I'll buy an Yggdrasil GS and then send it in for the upgrade, what do you think about that?
We think you should consider how much it costs to send things back to us, as well as return shipping. Sorry, Yggdrasil GS is intended to get you into a great deal on an Yggdrasil, not as a way to try a weird end-run to save a few bucks on a full boat Yggdrasil Analog 2. 

Okay, well if you put it that way, it does seem like a great deal.
Yes, we think so.

I noticed you said there's new firmware in this, different than the original Yggdrasil Analog 1.
Yes, there is. This firmware substantially improves Yggdrasil's performance at 20-bit and lower levels. We've included a complete APx555 report for Yggdrasil GS so you can see what we mean—the DAC now clearly resolves -120dB and -144dB sine waves, and the linearity is good for a multibit DAC. The Analog 2 still performs better into low-impedance input loads, so if you're running a piece of pro gear with, say, 600 ohm input transformers, you're gonna want the Analog 2.

Wait a sec, I have an old Yggdrasil Analog 1. Can I get this new firmware for that?
Sure. Contact [email protected] and we'll sell you a ROM for $35. Please note that you'll have to have a qualified electronic technician disassemble your Yggdrasil to install it. We won't be liable for incidental damages caused by disassembly. 

More FAQ at the main Yggdrasil page.