Reviews for Aegir

Schiit’s little amplifier punches way above its weight
Steve Guttenberg, CNET

"Fueled by the Aegir, the LS50's sound took on a burnished glow, with the tone richer and sweeter than I'm used to. Stereo imaging was superb, that's what the LS50 is known for, but paired with the Aegir there's more depth and body to the sound of vocalists and instruments on acoustic music."

"With the easier to drive Klipsch Forte III speakers, the Aegir played louder with ease, and the sound was much livelier with saxophonist Charles Lloyd's iconic Forest Flower LP. This music moves gracefully with Keith Jarrett on piano, Cecil McBee on bass, and Jack DeJohnette on drums. Dynamics were excellent, so the music had real visceral power, and that's a rare occurrence with amps in the Aegir's price class."

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Schiit Aegir Amplifier, Stereo Times
Paul Szabady

"The Schiit Aegir amplifier shows every sign of being a break-through product: one that combines exceptional music-making and rhythmic sophistication with the purity, natural-ness, detail, and timbral accuracy associated with the highest quality amplifiers. Add its spectacularly affordable price and it becomes a ‘must-have.’ My hat is off to the folks at Schiit Audio for this stunning service to passionate music-lovers. Class A for Everyman? Yes, indeed."

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SchiitrMeet: Power Amp Thunderdome Impressions
Marv Chen, Super Best Audio Friends

"Upfront soundstage placement, but better layering. Mid-centric (compared to the others). Super immediate, emotionally involved, could hear the smoke from Ella Fitzgerald's throat."

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