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Schiit Audio Bifrost 2 DAC Review

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It's the Schiit
Gary Alan Barker, headphone.guru

"When I agreed to review the Schiit Bifrost 2, I came to it with pretty high expectations and a pretty good idea of what I would say. Color me surprised, the Bifrost 2 fully exceeded what I believed it to be capable of. In terms of resolution and detail, it is every bit a Schiit Multibit processor and gave me all that I have come to expect from this, but in terms of musicality it went beyond the pale and delivered greater returns than it has any right to, especially in its price class. To say that the Bifrost 2 is a sensational bargain is simply an understatement. The Bifrost 2 is a DAC that any audiophile or music lover could happily live with, regardless the price of the rest of their system."

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Golden Schlong 2019: Bifrost 2
Purrin, Super Best Audio Friends

Schiit Bifrost 2 (EV)

The most approachable of the higher-end Schiit multibit DACs. Yes, the Bifrost 2 is now a true high-end DAC. The tone is warmer like the OG Gungnir Multibit, but with the clarity of the old balanced outputs whether the balanced or single-ended outputs are used. In addition, Mike Moffat put some magic pixie dust into this thing, so it slams an Yggdrasil. Why get the C7 Corvette when the Camaro 6 SS 1LE more assuredly plants the rear tires out of the turns?

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Schiit Bifrost 2
New Record Day
EnjoyTheMusic: Bifrost 2 and Ragnarok 2
Ron Nagle

"Let's hearken back once more to my reference CD, BASIA Time and Tide [Epic EK40767]. As the British 'philes would say the music has a wonderful pace. For me, there is a big Audiophile question. Can a really good audio DAC recreate the stage panorama including all the performers in your listing room? I am a sound stage lover and this little DAC does exactly what I need. It is a creative and immersive tool placing me at the edge of the stage."

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