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Schiit Audio Fulla 3: An Affordable Upgrade
Christopher Coke, MMORPG.com
"In my testing of amps, I always love to hear headphones and gaming headsets “open up” as the soundstage expands with the extra juice. My HyperX Cloud Orbits definitely did so and the sound seemed to crystalize a bit too. For competitive games, the extra volume headroom allowed me to better hear sounds in the distance and pick up on the direction of gunshots in PUBG and Apex Legends. At its core, though, the Fulla 3 just seemed to enhance the all-around sound of most headphones I threw at it in a subtle but definite way, the kind of thing you really only notice when you try to go back to integrated audio.
The other thing the Fulla 3 brings to the table is a high-quality mic input. It’s not quite at the level of the Hel, which had a near-silent noise floor (no hiss), but it still captures at 24-bits and managed to make my Audio-Technica gaming headset sound much better than when plugged directly into my gaming PC. Have a listen:
For $99, the Fulla 3 from Schiit Audio is an excellent buy. It delivers excellent audio with its AK4490 pre-amp and offers lots of headroom for all but very high impedance headphones. If you’re looking for a small solution to buy into high-end audio for the first time, the Fulla 3 is a solid option."

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Fulla 3 and Hel Impressions
Mad Lust Envy, Head-fi.org

"The Fulla is an easy sell. An affordable, excellent DAC/amp you can take anywhere which trumps anything you'd get out of a phone, tablet or computer's built in sound capabilities. This thing sells itself. Plenty for most available headphones or headsets that aren't known to require gobs of power. The type of headphones and headsets you'd likely be taking with you on the go to coffee shops, offices, or have in secondary setups. Really, the Fulla 3 is a banger of a product. Not much else to say. If you're getting into dac/amps, the Fulla 3 is an excellent starter and a bridge to Schiit's other offerings."


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