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Schiit Audio Hel High Power Gaming DAC/Amp
Christopher Coke, MMORPG.com
"No matter what I threw at it, the Hel was able to drive it and sound incredible. The HD6XXs, the DT-990s, the HD58Xs, the AKG K7XXs, my new pair of Meze’s, the Audeze Mobius, any of my many gaming headsets; all of them were able to get and exceed a comfortable listening volume. Because the Hel had such headroom, I was able to game in confidence.
The understated all-star of the Hel is the microphone jack. The mic has its own 24-bit analog-to-digital converter, which allows for a pristine, high-resolution capture. It also has a gain knob for precise gain adjustments to your signal.
Most importantly, it’s quiet. I mean, game-changingly quiet. I tested it with my Audio-Technica ATH-PG1 gaming headset which we reviewed last year. Plugged directly into the PC, the mic had a very audible hiss, which is very common to 3.5mm mic inputs on even expensive gaming PCs. Plugged into the Hel, that white noise was gone. In fact, the PG1 went from being a pretty good headset mic to sounding like one of the best I’ve ever used. You could easily hop on a stream or podcast with it.
Between the improved clarity and quality of the 24-bit capture, the added volume for your recording, and the dramatically reduced noise, I can say this with confidence: If you’re a streamer or content creator that  uses a headset, you need the Hel. It really is that good.
No matter how you cut it, the current design leads me to believe the Hel is designed for audio-lovers who also happen to be gamers and streamers, not the other way around."

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One Hel of a Review
Joshua Valour
Fulla 3 and Hel Impressions
Mad Lust Envy, Head-fi.org

"The Hel is an even more serious powerhouse of a product. More power, physical adjustment of microphone output, and easily capable as an all you need device, even in a main setup. I recommend the Hel over the Fulla for more serious audiophiles who are looking for a main dac/amp, one that is permanently fixed to your desk setup. The Fulla makes more sense to me as a secondary or portable device, as you only need to attach one cable, whereas the Hel demands power from the wall, making it a little less travel friendly."

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A Powerful Addition To Any Gaming Setup
Patrick Kobeck, TheGamer.com

"A Great Buy For Gamers, Streamers, And Music Lovers

In sum, the Schiit Hel is an outstanding and an essential tool for those who love to game and stream, and the high sound quality for listening to music is a bonus. Priced at $189, the Hel is reasonable compared to what one could spend on similar devices in terms of functionality and is a great launching point for those who want to up their audio experience."

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This is the Schiit I'm talking about
Chris Jarrard, ShackNews.com
"The Hel got the job done with every set of cans I plugged into it, even the 300-ohm HD650s and temperamental Monolith planar magnetics. I’ve tried these particular headphones with other gaming-centric devices and “premium” motherboard sound solutions without much luck, so I was ecstatic from hearing the amount of clean power the Hel provided in high-gain mode. The built-in DAC offered clean output and worked in 24-bit/192KHz mode using the WASAPI plugin for foobar2000 for playback of high-resolution recordings, all without the need for driver installation (on Windows 10 machines). I found the DAC to be noticeably better than my first-generation Schiit Modi or FiiO E10K when I ran it through my Schiit Magni 3 headphone amp. Where the signal was distorting at a certain threshold with my Modi, the Hel DAC was cleaner than a preacher’s sheets (likely due to better design and higher output voltage).
I spend a lot of time gaming on my PC and talking with friends via Teamspeak and Discord, but I refused to give up my dedicated amp/DAC stack for music listening, so my microphone situation has always been a bit of a mess as I had to use USB desktop mics or lapel mics with cords running to the rear of my PC instead of into the same devices I used for listening. With the Schiit Hel, my mic and headphones end up in the same spot, allowing me to combine cables and keep my setup clean. The mic preamp offers clear, loud output when needed that is a noticeable step up from my motherboard mic input (which left me at the mercy of the Windows level setting and a simple 10db boost). The gain knob allows for easy mic adjustment in all situations and is a godsend when paired with the outstanding headphone amp."

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