Reviews for Hel

Schiit Audio Hel High Power Gaming DAC/Amp
Christopher Coke,
"No matter what I threw at it, the Hel was able to drive it and sound incredible. The HD6XXs, the DT-990s, the HD58Xs, the AKG K7XXs, my new pair of Meze’s, the Audeze Mobius, any of my many gaming headsets; all of them were able to get and exceed a comfortable listening volume. Because the Hel had such headroom, I was able to game in confidence.
The understated all-star of the Hel is the microphone jack. The mic has its own 24-bit analog-to-digital converter, which allows for a pristine, high-resolution capture. It also has a gain knob for precise gain adjustments to your signal.
Most importantly, it’s quiet. I mean, game-changingly quiet. I tested it with my Audio-Technica ATH-PG1 gaming headset which we reviewed last year. Plugged directly into the PC, the mic had a very audible hiss, which is very common to 3.5mm mic inputs on even expensive gaming PCs. Plugged into the Hel, that white noise was gone. In fact, the PG1 went from being a pretty good headset mic to sounding like one of the best I’ve ever used. You could easily hop on a stream or podcast with it.
Between the improved clarity and quality of the 24-bit capture, the added volume for your recording, and the dramatically reduced noise, I can say this with confidence: If you’re a streamer or content creator that  uses a headset, you need the Hel. It really is that good.
No matter how you cut it, the current design leads me to believe the Hel is designed for audio-lovers who also happen to be gamers and streamers, not the other way around."

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