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Reviews for Jotunheim R

Jotunheim R Direct Drive Amplifier for SR1a
Ian Dunmore, headphones.com

"Schiit’s new Jotunheim R is an excellent, and extremely high-value, way to drive the RAAL-requisite SR1a. Indeed, when it comes down to it, the pairing of Jotunheim R and SR1a outperforms every conventional headphone/amplifier combination I have heard - irrespective of price. You absolutely get the full-fat SR1a experience here, with no muting or blunting and no excuses nor caveats needed.

This is nothing short of a game-changer in terms of knocking down the barriers-to-entry with the SR1a.
The SR1a is not a laid-back, warm, or euphonic headphone; they won’t cosset your ears, coddle your sensitivities, or croon softly in your shell-like. Pairing them with the Jotunheim R will not make them do this either; what it will do is let you experience the SR1a “as nature intended” and without breaking the bank to do so.
The combination of direct-drive, and a slightly different compensation profile, lets the Jotunheim R match, and typically exceed, the realized technical performance of much more expensive amplifiers (that must use the interface box), in a simpler, smaller and much more convenient package."

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