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Reviews for Saga+

Audio-Head: A Four-Way Schiit Shootout
Brian Hunter

From a 4-way blind comparison of Saga S, Saga+, Freya S, and Freya+:

"The Saga + fell about halfway in-between the Saga S and the best performing pre, the Freya + (also the most expensive). Piano sections from Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now were placed within the soundscape with intent and appeared as a clean, unobstructed duplicate of a well mic’d instrument. Treble resolution was effectively conveyed in superior manner with a touch of overall analytical tendencies, especially for a tube-friendly amplifier. If the Saga + was a retail store, it would be called sharper image."

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2020 Golden Clef Award
HiFiAudio Guru


Schiit Saga Plus Preamp Review - Lots Of Options For A Great Price
Forever Analog

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Schiit Vidar & Saga S

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