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Reviews for Valhalla

Positive Feedback: Neoteric Listener
Dean Seislove

"...the Valhalla 2 delivers a tight, controlled sound. There's real substance to the notes, and, yes, it is resolving...After a long session listening again to the Led Zeppelin catalog, I remarked to myself that this is an amp that engages you for hours on end." 

"All three Schiit products [Lyr 2, Bifrost Uber, Valhalla 2] are stellar accomplishments that should please even the fussiest headphone audio enthusiast."

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CNET (Audiophiliac)
Steve Guttenberg

 "...my single-word description of the sound would be " beautiful." Sure, it's clear and clean, but the Valhalla 2 imparts a sense of beauty to the sound of well-recorded acoustic instruments. There's more substance to the sound, it's more organic and full-bodied, which is, after all, the way those instruments sound in real life."

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Master & Dynamic MH 40 Meets the Schitt Valhalla 2 Single Ended Triode Amp and Preamp
Ken Micallef

"The Master & Dynamic MH 40s paired to the Schitt Valhalla 2 made a surprising two-fer splash in my brain. LP after LP I found myself reveling in the details of the music and fully immersed in the deep listening experience I was enjoying. The Valhalla 2's bloomy midrange and thankful gain switch helped amp-up the M&D MH 40s, the resulting combination of stout dynamics, general overall neutrality and a warm yet uncongested midrange to lower bass presentation enabling the ears, drawing me in, each album a joy."

"At a combined price of US$750, I can't imagine another headphones/amp combination providing this level of pure musical enjoyment. And when given the option to tube-roll the Schitt to further personalize its sound, the pair provides exceptional quality and value."

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Pure Tube Joy
Tim Bathras