If I order today, when will my amp ship?
If it’s in stock, most likely today or tomorrow, but we do state “1 to 3 business days.” We do everything we can to get 2-Day and Next-Day orders out the same day, unless you order late in the day. If you do that, send an email to orders@schiit.com and we'll try to make it happen. But if you order at 4:30PM and we don't make it, please don't be too disappointed. 

If I order using 2-Day FedEx on a Thursday or Standard Overnight on a Friday, will I get my order on a Saturday?
The prices on our website for Express are for regular FedEx Monday-Friday delivery. FedEx Express will deliver on Saturdays, but the service is not available in all areas, and they charge an additional $15-25. If you want to have your item delivered on a Saturday, please email us at orders@schiit.com. We will work with you and FedEx to make that happen. We will need to bill you for the additional delivery charge. We'd love to give this to you for free, but our money tree just doesn't grow dollars like it used to.

What if there’s a note under the “Add to Cart” button that reads “Backordered, estimated shipping date February 2017,” or, “In Production, estimated shipping in 5-7 business days, or “Aliens have invaded California and are holding the Schiit facility, no shipping is anticipated for the duration.”
The first line on the product page is always the stocking status of the product, In order, the stocking statuses outlined above mean:
1. The product is on backorder, and we think it will ship in February 2017. Our backorders usually aren’t that long. But please note the “estimated.” This means, in English, “guess.” We guess wrong sometimes.
2. The product has begun production, and will be shipping in 5-7 business days, unless a meteor hits the PC board assembly house or something else unexpected happens. Yes, unexpected stuff does happen.
3. The products may be being consumed or transformed into antimatter weapons for use by the aliens. We have no control over this. However, we believe the probability of this happening is relatively low.
Do you charge my card immediately, or when you ship?
We won’t charge your order before we ship, though we will authorize your card when you submit your order. The hold on your funds should be dropped after 3 days if we don’t ship before then. 
If I order two products and one is in backorder, do you ship the available one separately?
No. Our site calculates shipping rates for all your items together in a single box, so if you want to buy two products and have one shipped earlier, please place two separate orders.
I want you to deliver the package at a very special time, like on the 28th at 11:13 PM, and I need you to get a signature from my neighbor, but he’s real old and you’ll have to wake him up, is this cool?
Guys, we don’t smoke cigars and golf with the CEO of FedEx, nor do we have any special ins with the commissar of the Post Office. This means we have absolutely zero control over when and how your package arrives. If you look up the service on the FedEx or USPS websites, they’ll be explicit about how and when a product will arrive.
Do you require a signature for delivery?
It depends on the carrier and the service. For FedEx Ground less than $500, no. Over $500, we require a signature by default.
Wait, what if the carrier loses/damages/eats my package?
Then you file a claim. Claims through FedEx are simple, quick, and straightforward. Claims through USPS are, well, less so.
What if they say it was delivered, but I can’t find my package?
Contact the carrier for proof of delivery, and file a claim with them if they cannot prove delivery. If you believe it was stolen, contact the police and forward their report to the carrier.