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Schiit Outside the USA

Distributor List

Belgium, Netherlands and Europe: Schiit-Europe.com

Norway, Sweden, Finland: Duet Audio

Singapore: Jaben Audio

UK and Europe: schiit.co.uk

 Ukraine: soundmag.ua

Bonus FAQ

If I order through a distributor, who handles support, warranty, and service?
The distributor. The distributor may also set their own warranty terms.

If I order from you, does the distributor handle service and warranty?
No. It comes back to us. You should buy through a distributor for local support and service.
Hey, I found a distributor or international retailer carrying your products who isn’t on the list. Is it a good idea to buy from them?
Only if you don’t want a warranty. Our distributors set warranty terms for their countries, and will not support products they didn’t sell. Nor will we support this “gray market” gear, either. You should purchase from our authorized distributor, or (if you are OK with service being in the USA) from us. Anything else is a gamble.
I found your product on eBay, is that legit?
No. It will be used product and not covered under warranty, regardless of claims by the seller. Repeat: there are NO authorized sellers on eBay, period, no way, no how, and if you buy a product from eBay, you will not have warranty coverage.
How about buying on Amazon's international presences (amazon.jp, amazon.co.ok, etc)?
Better make sure it's listed by one of our authorized distributors if you want support and warranty service. Schiit only sells USA voltages on amazon.com.