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Schiit Magni 3+ & Magni Heresy - Headphone Amplifier - Review & Comparison
Ian Dunsmore, Headphones.com
"Thus Magni 3+ becomes my new, and enthusiastic, recommendation for when I am asked which ~$100 amplifier to buy, rather than spending the time to listen to them for yourself and make up your own mind (I will always recommend personally auditioning gear before purchase). Even when following the “headphones first” doctrine to extreme levels, the Magni 3+ turns in an excellent and compelling performance - and at a level that would have been unthinkable at such a low price-point even a couple of years ago!
Ultimately, while I feel they serve different masters, and I have a definite preference for the Magni 3+, I think both the Magni 3+ and Heresy are well worth auditioning if you’re looking for a capable, powerful, headphone amplifier of this level and form factor, regardless of where your performance biases sit."
Schiit's note: review contains subjective comparisons and blind listening with Magni 3+, Magni Heresy, Magni 3, Liquid Spark, Atom, and Archel 2 Pro.

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Magni and Magni Heresy
Schiit Happens: Magni Heresy Review
Jules B, TLR Technology

"Let me wrap up this review with a few quotes. The first is “Good audio is getting cheap, and cheap audio is getting good” and this is becoming very true. It is in my opinion extremely hard to get an amp that sounds this good cheaper. In fact, I don’t think you can buy any amp new cheaper that’s on par with the Heresy. 

I fully believe the Heresy can be the end game headphone amp for many people. The Heresy has more than enough power to drive just about any headphone, it sounds amazing and stays cool to the touch. I’m not sure you could really ask for anything more… Maybe a balanced connector, but here is the kicker. The noise level in the Heresy is already so low you really wouldn’t hear any benefits going balanced."

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The New $100 King?
Josh Valour
Best Beginner Stacks
BadSeed Tech