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A Non-Review of the Loki—Digital Audio Review
John Darko

 "DSD has modern music fanciers all dressed up with nowhere to go. Thankfully Schiit’s offering is cheap and cheerful, off the shelf rather than a multi-thousand dollar bespoke fit. DSD’s benefits remain theory-only to audiophiles with left-of-audiophile-centre tastes. There’s no Neil Young or Tom Waits or Bob Dylan or Kraftwerk or….the glass is 99.9% empty. Sorry about that.

It might not always be this way but this is the state of DSD content in the here and now.
My Schiit Loki remains Laura Palmered in plastic. It sits and it waits…it paper-weights."
Stupidly Good
Puma Cat, Steve Hoffman Forums

"Bottom line is that the little Schiit Loki is just stupidly good at $149. Can Loki compare to the mega-buck DSD DACs? IMHO, the answer is an unequivocal YES. I'm very, very impressed with Schiit and with Loki. Those boys at Schiit sure know what they're doing."

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Audiostream—Greatest Bits!
Michael Lavorgna

"The boys at Schiit have, in my opinion and experience, hit one outta the park with the little Loki DSD Dedicated DAC. Especially when used in conjunction with JRiver Media Center converting PCM data to DSD so you only need the Loki to play back all of your music, it is one helluva deal."

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The Ear (UK): Schiit Loki DSD DAC
Richard Barclay

 "Based purely on sonic performance, it is very difficult to find fault in the Loki. It would certainly be a challenge to unearth a better sounding native-DSD DAC for the money, and I suspect this little converter would also hold its own against competitors in higher price brackets. The Loki offers such ridiculously high quality DSD playback that it almost becomes irrational to make a case against buying it."

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