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Modius vs Modi 3
Tee-Jay The Stereo Bargain-File
Z Reviews: Schiit Modius
Schiit Modius Review and Measurements
Purrin, SuperBestAudioFriends.com

"BTW, the Modius is super resolving. I thought overall SQ would be 5%-10% better than Modi 3 subjectively, on par with the RME. It's more like 25%-30% better than Modi 3 and easily bests the RME ADI2 from memory, although the RME obviously has way more functionality, so not really appropriate to make an apples-apple comparison. But really, if we think about it, it makes sense. Schiit's not going to charge x2 more for something that sounds 5-10% better subjectively. The measurements are just a distraction. They make gear based on listening - heck I know because sometimes they ask my opinion - just to make sure they aren't nuts. More data points is always better."


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Schiit Modius
AudioScienceReview, amirm

"Just a year ago we could not imagine a balanced DAC at $199 let alone from a western company. But here we are with Schiit Modius. Company shows that when it focuses on excellent engineering together with great value, it can deliver.

As a big fan of balanced XLR outputs (to reduce chances of nasty ground loops due to connection to PCs), I am happy to recommend the Schiit Modius."

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Schiit Modius Review and Comparisons
Distro User
Schiit Modius Review - Best ENTRY or Best BUDGET Balanced DAC?
Tech Hyped

Schiit Modius Reviwe

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2021 Editor's Choice Award
The Absolute Sound


Schiit Modius Balanced DAC Review - This schiit is unfair!
Passion for Sound

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Schiit Modius Review - Best ENTRY or Best BUDGET Balanced DAC?
Gus Gonzalez

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Schiit Modius Digital to Analog Converter Review

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