Reviews for Vali 2

On the amp side, the Vali 2 is an obvious big improvement over the original, and the advantages of being able to quickly tube roll can not be overstated.
To sum up, the Schiit Modi/Vali stack easily earns our highest honor. In fact, if I was in the market for a high performing entry level solution, this would be my personal desktop solution of choice. The level of options coupled with its overall performance at this price level is second to none. It is, as they say, the Schiit.

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The Clueless Audiophile
Matthew Partrick

Tube-rolling with the Vali 2 was a fun little experiment, and for audiophiles looking to get into this little micro-addiction this is a very easy place to start.  For $169, you’re not likely to find another similar component built to such exacting standards; one wonders if Schiit runs in the red or is simply a money-laundering front for a Bond film Megalomaniac.  Either way, you win, with inexpensive tubey goodness.

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HiFi in the Low Light

I highly recommend the Schiit Vali 2 to any one new to Hybrid Tube Amps for their high impedance dynamics or Ortho Dynamic headphones, while the entry price is low; this is an amp that will greatly appreciate a tube upgrade! So plan to get your feet wet into the world of TUBES and start rolling!

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