Reviews for Vidar

Schiit Audio Reference System, Part 1
Chris Connaker, ComputerAudiophile
"The Vidar's design will surprise the know-it-all audiophile in that it's Class-AB, not Class-D. There's nothing wrong with Class-D in and of itself, but I've been more underwhelmed than overwhelmed by the performance of most Class-D products.
In fact, last week I heard a pair of $16,500 Class-D Mola Mola mono amps driving a pair fo Dynaudio Evidence loudspeakers. Myself and three others in the room all thought the amps did an injustice to the loudspeakers and weren't capable of showing what the speakers could do with respect to performance.
One aspect of the Vidar that must be considered, is its lack of rating for mono configuration into 4 ohm speakers. According to Schiit, "Vidar will probably work fine at sane volumes, but at higher output, you may trigger the protection." Based on my testing with 86 dB efficient 4 ohm speakers, I believe the Vidar will work without triggering protection for most people using this configuration. I pushed the Vidar really hard and was unable to trip its protection mechanism. I didn't go crazy by putting on Nine Inch Nails at 110 dB and let it run over the weekend, but I did listen to Nine Inch Nails, Hip Hop, Big Band, and some heavy bass at loud levels. At no time did the pair of Vidars flinch. 
In fact, I concluded a listening session by playing Marcus Miller's Intro Duction from his Silver Rain album at what Faber Acoustical's Sound Meter app said was a 123.4 dB peak, and 11.3 dB max. The Vidars appeared to have very good control over the speakers, even at very high levels."

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Schiit Vidar Power Amplifier
Marvey (
"In conclusion, the Schiit Vidar is a fanastic value power amplifier. The bass quality is first rate, comparable with the best. The mids and treble do not quite exude the magic or immediacy of the super high-end amplifiers (costing thousands and thousand of dollars) or epic vintage amplifers (no longer available or in dubious condition). However, the Vidar is still more than competent. My hunch is that the Vidar will be able to compete with amps at the $2000-$2500 point."

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Schiit Vidar/Saga: an affordable care act for your loudspeakers
John Darko (Digital Audio Review)

DAR-KO Knockout Award Winner

"With their Vidar and Saga, Schiit turn conventional thinking on its head to lay down a serious challenge to ANY amplification selling for a coupla clicks north of a thousand US dollars.

The point is, Schiit lay down the red carpet to a separates approach but without the premium. Welcome to the great leap forwards!"

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An affordable audiophile amplifier wows the Audiophiliac
Steve Guttenberg, CNET Audiophiliac

"Vidar was a perfect match with the Magnepan .7 flat panel speakers, so that's what I used for my first round of auditions. Bingo, the best of the .7s sound --  transparency, big as outdoors soundstage, gorgeous midrange -- they were all there, and I noted the treble was better than I've heard in a while. 

The KEF LS50 speakers also loved the Vidar, and bass output of this little speaker really surprised me. With Kid Koala's sampled and synthesized "12 Bar Blues" CD, the LS50s low-end slam belied their size.
Pair the Vidar with Schiit's smaller tube preamp, the $349 Saga, and that pair together runs just over $1,000. Add a set of $500 ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 monitor speakers, and that would be a hell of a system!"

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