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Coronavirus Response


Updated 5/8/2020

Hey all,

We are fully operational in both California and Utah, fulfilling orders, performing service, and providing support. We will continue to support you to the fullest extent.

The Schiitr remains closed until California allows for customers in retail stores, rather than only curb pickup. We don't have a timeframe for that, as it varies by county. We're hoping for the end of May, but we'll see how it goes. Future Schiitrmeets may have attendance limits for a while. We'll do our best while trying to keep everyone safe!

Keeping You Safe

We’ve always been about keeping you safe. This includes stuff we’ve always done, such as manufacturing in the USA with a small, close-knit team, using local subcontractors, as well as instrumented testing, burn-in, and wipedown with ethanol-based antiseptic cleaner before packing and shipping (yes, we have always done this).

But we’re doing even more more now:

  • Additional 100% wipedown of all equipment with sanitary measures on packing 
  • Additional sanitation throughout all production facilities, including wipedown of all production and test equipment
  • Closing the Schiitr, our retail store, until the emergency passes

Keeping Employees Safe

Our employees are like family, and we want to make sure they are safe, healthy, and covered. Here are the steps we have taken:

  • Making sure employees can work at home wherever feasible
  • Enabling extreme distancing if we are ever in the office for business continuity
  • Involving employees in decisions that affect the whole company

We really hope you aren't affected by this crisis. In the meantime, we're going to keep on keeping on, doing everything we can to keep you, our employees, and their families safe. 

Wishing you and yours continued health,

Jason Stoddard
Mike Moffat
and the entire Schiit Crew