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Introducing Jotunheim 2


Jotunheim 2 Debuts With More Power, More Versatility, with Nexus™ and Continuity S™

December 16, 2020, Valencia, CA, USA. Schiit Audio announced the Jotunheim 2 modular, differential headphone amplifier and preamplifier today. Jotunheim 2 builds on the success of Jotunheim—one of the most popular balanced headphone amps ever introduced—with higher power output and additional versatility. It also incorporates Schiit's unique Nexus™ fully discrete, differential topology and debuts Schiit's unique Continuity S™output stage, which offers higher efficiency and improved linearity. Jotunheim 2 retains the same price as the original Jotunheim, starting at $399 with no optional module installed.

"We're calling Jotunheim 2 'the best $2400 amp that you can get for $400,'" said Jason Stoddard, Schiit's co-founder. "Which is sure to aggravate some people. But when you look at what's out there that's fully discrete, fully differential, and features truly end-game touches like matched parts throughout (including front end JFETs matched to 1%, the tightest matching ever implemented for a production device), an Alps 27mm RK27114 quad-gang volume potentiometer, relay-switched input, gain, and output), you'll realize that Jotunheim 2 has much more in common with a bespoke amplifier than something that's made to a price point."

Jotunheim 2 brings Schiit's discrete Nexus gain stage to its most affordable level ever, while retaining the matching necessary for maximum performance. In addition, it debuts Continuity S, an enhancement of Schiit's Continuity constant-transconductance output stage, but more focused on maximum efficiency.

"Continuity S is about getting the most out of the Jotunheim 2's output stage," said Jason. "It increases efficiency and enhances distortion performance, but without the losses or high standing current of Continuity. It's not a replacement for Continuity—Continuity is still more linear, focused on a perfect splice to eliminate transconductance droop—but it brings many of the benefits of Continuity to Jotunheim 2. In fact, Jotunheim 2 runs a bit cooler than the original Jotunheim, thanks in part to Continuity S."

Functionally, Jotunheim 2 adds a preamp output switch to allow easier integration into a full desktop system. Now, customers can choose whether or not the preamp outputs are enabled, so they can blend powered monitors with headphone listening (or add a subwoofer to headphones on command).

Performance-wise, Jotunheim 2 bests all metrics of the original Jotunheim, and provides both high power for inefficient headphones and low noise floor for sensitive IEMs. 

Jason, however, notes that Jotunheim 2 is not just about measurements, and shouldn't be grouped with other moderately-priced, IC-based, measurement-focused amps. "Magnius still beats Jotunheim 2 in terms of measurements, at half the cost—and at a cost much, much less than other measurement-focused balanced amps," said Jason. "Jotunheim 2 is a fully discrete amplifier with low loop gain, an approach that many audiophiles prefer to amps based on op-amps. Despite the intentional choice of low loop gain to ensure constant feedback across the audio band and beyond, Jotunheim 2's performance numbers are still very good, testifying to the the inherent linearity of the amplifier."

Jotunheim 2's modular design means that customers can choose one of three modules to customize the product to their needs:

  • No module—just a headphone amp and preamp: $399
  • With AK4490 balanced DAC module: $499
  • With True Multibit™ DAC module: $599
  • With MM Phono Preamp: $499

Jotunheim 2 is available to order today at Schiit.com, starting at $399.

About Schiit Audio

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