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Yggdrasil+ Introduced


The Fully Modular, True Multibit DAC:
Exceptional Performance Now, Ready For The Future

November 9, 2022, Valencia, CA. Today, Schiit Audio announced the immediate availability of Yggdrasil+, its flagship True Multibit DAC. Featuring a choice of D/A converter options, remote control, NOS mode, and phase inversion, the Yggdrasil+ offers exceptional performance and value in a high-end DAC, together with the peace of mind of a fully modular platform that is ready for the future. Yggdrasil+ prices start at $2,299 and top out at $2,799, depending on D/A and finish options.

“Yggdrasil+ is the successor to Yggdrasil, which we introduced in 2014,” said Mike Moffat, Schiit Audio’s co-founder and head of digital development. “But it’s not a replacement—current Yggdrasil owners can upgrade to Yggdrasil+ to get remote control, NOS mode, and new chassis that looks better, offers way more flexibility, and substantially simplifies upgrades.”

Jason Stoddard, Schiit’s co-founder and head of analog development, also notes that Yggdrasil+ starts at the same price as the original Yggdrasil. “Despite 8 years of inflation, despite offering more features, despite offering higher performance, despite a much cooler-looking chassis design, Yggdrasil+ starts at the same price as the 2014 Yggdrasil.”

Schiit’s high-value design doesn’t stop at battling inflation, however. Since all former Yggdrasil are upgradable to Yggdrasil+, Schiit protects its customers investment in the platform. In addition, the new chassis makes upgrades much easier, with only 4 screws to get at all modular boards, and a replaceable back panel to accommodate any changes in connectivity in the future.

“Our customers have been asking for an easier, more convenient way to do upgrades, and Yggdrasil+ delivers—without abandoning the whole platform,” said Mike Moffat.

In terms of performance and value, Yggdrasil+ sets the standard for high-end DACs. At a relatively modest price, it includes Schiit’s True Multibit™ platform—a unique time- and frequency-optimized digital filter implemented on Analog Devices DSPs, plus medical/military grade multibit D/A converters from TI or Analog Devices; Schiit’s own Unison USB™ input, implemented on a Microchip 32-bit processor; massive choke-input power supply with two transformers and local regulation; unique adaptive reclocking to accommodate both high- and low-quality sources, and features such as remote control absolute phase inversion. Yggdrasil+ can even be put into “non-oversampling,” or NOS mode, to bypass its digital filter entirely.

Yggdrasil+ models are as follows:

  • Yggdrasil+ Less is More (TI DAC8812 based)—$2299/2399 black/silver
  • Yggdrasil+ More is Less (TI DAC11001 based)—$2449/2549 black/silver
  • Yggdrasil+ OG (Analog Devices AD5791 based)—$2699/2799 black/silver

All Yggdrasil models are in stock and available to purchase at schiit.com.

Customers who already own Yggdrasils can upgrade to Yggdrasil+ for $499 in black, and $599 in silver. The price reflects only the final color; customers can choose to swap colors when they upgrade. The original chassis will be recycled (it is 100% aluminum and steel), or shipped back to the customer at the cost of packaging and shipping if they request it.


About Schiit Audio

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