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Reviews for Asgard (2)

Steve Guttenberg

 “High-end audio can be a rather expensive hobby, but every now and then I stumble across something really amazing, that’s priced for the real world.”

“The first thing you notice about the Asgard’s sound is its clarity, so music seems remarkably alive and realistic. I’ve demoed “Birth,” an excellent-sounding film score on dozens and dozens of reviews, but the Asgard revealed unheard details in the music. The score was recorded at Abbey Road Studios, and I have never been more aware of the studio’s acoustic “space,” so I was virtually transported to the recording session.”

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Srajan Ebaen
“The Asgard’s general character recalls single-ended transistor efforts in the FirstWatt stable – highly resolved, grainless, fast, microdynamically responsive, well controlled in the bass but not fat or maximally profound, direct, well separated, capable of fine incision power and bite.”
“In short, Schiit’s Asgard is an incredibly auspicious/ambitious debut from two old foxes whose present business plan for this company caters to the audiophile middle class and its terminally frustrated blue collars.”

“Value: Given performance, build quality and boutique US manufacture, approaching the insane.” 

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Vade Forrester

 “I’m impressed that Schiit Audio can produce a headphone amplifier for $249 that sounds and looks as if it costs $1000. And you don’t have to order it from some unknown Chinese company on eBay and pray you’ll actually see something for your money. If you need a good headphone amplifier at a price that seems silly cheap, I suggest you rush your order directly to Schiit via their website, before they come to their senses and raise the price.”


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Water Lily Acoustics
Kavi Alexander

Kavi Alexander of Water Lily Acoustics has had four of his recordings nominated for the Grammys, with two of them winning the award. He loves the Asgard amp and uses it along with the Audeze LCD-3 headphones as his monitoring tool. He feels that the Asgard amp is neutral and thus transparent.

Ramona Emerson

“Beautiful. Great price for refined construction and U.S.-made parts. Makes for a subtly better listening experience, by staying fuzz-free on even the most complex music. Awesome five-year warranty for parts.”

Bill Leebens

 “A newcomer to the headphone amp world is Schiit (!); industry veterans Mike Moffat and Jason Stoddard offer killer American-made amps for $249-$349. Couple them with phones from Grado, Sennheiser, Beyer, Audio-Technica or Denon, and you might never leave home again!”

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Jude Mansilla

“Long story short on the early impressions: the Asgard is, to my ears, much more than $249.00 worth of amp, in terms of sound quality and versatility.” 

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Upping the Ante: CNET's Take on the Asgard 2
Steve Guttenberg

"The original amp sounded great with full-size headphones, but didn't work so well with in-ear headphones, mostly because they usually have higher sensitivity and the old Asgard's background noise/hiss was audible. The Asgard 2 has no such problem; I used it with my Ultimate Ears and JH-Audio in-ear headphones and the amp was dead quiet."

"The '2 sounds clearer and bass firms up a bit, but the basic character of the sound is the same. Hey, it was good to start with, so I'm not complaining."

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Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity
Chris Groppi

"Compared to the Headroom Ultra Desktop, I can clearly say I prefer the Schiit combo, even at less than ½ the asking price of the Headroom amp/DAC when you could still buy one new."

"I strongly suggest you listen to the Schiit Asgard 2 and Bifrost. They are truly excellent sounding components. In addition to sounding far more expensive than they are, they also look and feel more expensive than they are. That's a very hard combination to beat."


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