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Reviews for Eitr

Schiit Eitr Preview Commentary
Torq, Zerodeefex, AtomicBob

Torq says:

"If you’ve been looking for an alternative to your existing USB-to-DAC connection, the TL;DR version of my thoughts here is simple:

Buy the USB Gen 5.0 board if you have an upgradeable Schiit DAC; if not buy an Eitr - then call it good and move on.​

Compared to their respective USB input options, and to Schiit DACs with the USB Gen 2 and 3 boards, the raw character of the DACs doesn’t really change here, but there’s a discernible improvement in resolution/detail, and in the case of Bifrost MB, Gungnir MB and Spring DAC a blacker background. And, in all cases, protracted listening sessions generally left me with a sense that the overall presentation was smoother and easier to lose myself in and any sense of "edginess" to the music was gone.

I found it to be a very worthwhile improvement, and the degree of improvement was higher from computer based sources than from other devices with USB outputs. Definitely worth the asking price in all the scenarios I tried, and a much better deal than any of the alternatives I've tried."


Zerodeefex says:

"Short summary:

  • Way better than the USB in my Gumby already
  • Way better than the USB in my Gumby + Wyrd alreadhy
  • Way better than any USB decrapifier or SPDIF converter I've used so far
  • Not as good as the Lynx/my Theta Data III to the coax input of the Gumby but I haven't heard anything that is.

What's better? It's much cleaner than the USB output of the Gumby (I don't have the Gen5 yet). Instrument separation is better, resolution is generally improved and noise rejection out of a known noisy crappy laptop is much improved. That laptop has had trouble with pops and drop outs with almost every USB DAC I've ever used and with the Eitr it's rock solid.

What's not better? Tonality is not changed. I don't think bass slam is changed (but Marv might disagree with me here).

In short, it's a damn good price for a significant upgrade."


AtomicBob says:

"My measurement queue overflows but I thought I would toss this in for a quick peek.


  • Dell E7470 laptop with USB3 only
  • dScope soundcard output to Schiit Eitr via WDM driver
  • Vaunix Lab Brick USB Hub
  • Audioquest Forest USB cable
  • Schiit Eitr input to dScope via spdif
  • Tecnec 75 ohm BNC cable and Tecnec BNC to RCA adapter
  • 44.1 KHz, 24 bit

Noise floor with -40 dBFS 1 KHz sine is below -175 dBFS !!!!"



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