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Reviews for Fulla (2)

The Master Switch
Rob Boffard

"Ultimately, it’s impossible not to recommend the Fulla 2."

"Even if you don’t know the world of amps at all, and you just want something to improve your computer sound, then this is - by some margin - the easiest, most flexible and most effective way of doing so. Its versatility, solid sound and superb design make it highly worthwhile, and we think you’re going to love it. We did."

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Digital Audio Review
John Darko

"For the newcomer, it’s a taste of high end audio minus the wallet pain. A DAC, a headphone amplifier and a pre-amplifier for the price of three or four new vinyl records. What’s not to like?"

"Like every single other Schiit Audio product that has preceded it, the Fulla 2 is sharply priced but feels a long way from cheap."

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Listening Session as History Lesson, b/w Schiit and Shinola—Together at Last
Stephen Mejias, Audiostream

"With good recordings, excellent recordings, and even with shitty recordings, the Fulla 2 consistently made music—compelling, colorful, fun music. It drove the Shinola Canfields easily and happily, allowing them to sound exactly like themselves, but better [footnote 3]. It did the same for my prototype AudioQuest NightHawks, offering an impressively large, immersive, and seductive presentation."

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Schiit Audio Fulla 2 DAC/Headphone Amp
Mike Metlay, Recording Magazine

"The Fulla sounded great, but the Fulla 2 sounds better; this is a really good-sounding unit that drives even the most finicky headphones to high levels with clarity and punch. Everything from my custom in-ears to my old 600Ω AKG K240 phones loved the Fulla 2, and it did a great job driving the Neumann KH 80 DSP monitors in our office studio."

"The Fulla 2 is a high-class audio output system for less than a Benjamin. That’s some impressive Schiit right there!"
Schiit Fulla 2 AIO DAC/Headamp Quick Impressions and Review
Marv Chen, SuperBestAudioFriends.com

"The Fulla 2 actually sounds a lot like the Magni / Modi 2 stack. Maybe 5% less slam. 5% less micro-stuff. 5% less attack. 5% smaller stage. 5% less clarity. You get the idea."

"The volume knob is a godsend. Thank you @schiit! Trying to set volume on Windows UI sliders with a mouse is like steering the Enterprise-E with touch screen panel. The fact is, when the Enterprise-E is in deep doo doo, like in an asteroid field with hundreds of lives at stake, Commander Riker is going to use a fricking joystick to get them out of trouble."

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Audio-Stance: Schiit Fulla 2

"If you’re looking for an affordable DAC/headphone preamp combo, then I feel the Fulla 2 is the way to go. At the $100 price point, the Fulla 2 definitely outshines the competition with features and audio quality. If you’re looking to power high-impedance headphones, rather go with the Jotunheim or Lyr 3 which are more premium DAC/headphones combos."

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