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Reviews for Lyr

Positive Feedback Writer's Choice Award 2014
Dean Seislove

"I compared the Schiit combo with other headphone amp/DAC solutions. Travel size contenders included the Light Harmonic Geek Out, CEntrance DACport LX, the aforementioned ADL X1, and the Devilsound DAC v2.1. The larger amp/DACs used included the Audioengine D2 and Peachtree Audio iNova integrated...the Lyr 2 and Bifrost Uber DAC simply bests the competition in every aspect that matters. The Schiit opened the soundstage dramatically to fill the headphones with space and sound, as if the musicians stopped playing in the backstage waiting room and started again on the stage."

"All three Schiit products [Lyr 2, Bifrost Uber, Valhalla 2] are stellar accomplishments that should please even the fussiest headphone audio enthusiast."


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Audiophilia (Grado GS1000e/Lyr 2)
Martin Appel

 "As I mentioned earlier, the Musical Fidelity V-CANS headphone amp provided a serviceable level of performance but the LYR 2 moved the bar much higher and I now understood why Grado named their headphones the Statement. The headphones sounded three dimensional, dynamic with a full frequency response. Imaging was excellent without any edge or artificiality. The subtleties of the music were clearly expressed with detail that didn’t shout at you. The combination was warm and sumptuous."

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CNET Audiophiliac
Steve Guttenberg

 "A quickie comparison with the new Marantz HD-DAC1 headphone amp/digital converter perfectly illustrated the Lyr 2's strengths. With my Oppo PM-1 headphones the Lyr 2 uncorked superior dynamics, brawn and heft; the Marantz was thinner, dimensionally challenged and much less fun to listen to. In fact, try as I might, I couldn't find anything the Marantz did better. The Lyr 2 has soul -- oodles of it -- whereas the Marantz was a major disappointment."

"The Lyr 2 had no noise issues whatsoever with my Ultimate Ears UE 900 in-ear headphones, and the sound quality was miles ahead of what I heard from a Yamaha A-S801 integrated stereo amplifier's headphone jack. The Lyr 2 sound was fuller-bodied and more natural sounding than the A-S801's."

"Hey, just because your Ferrari 458 Italia pumps out 570 horsepower and has a top speed of 202 mph doesn't mean it can't cruise at 55. The Lyr 2 similarly allows listening at whatever volume suits your mood, and brings out the best sound from any headphone."



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HiFiPig Recommended Product
Janine Elliot
"On Fleetwood Mac’s Songbird track there is a good sense of the recording space with the natural reverb on the piano being large and natural sounding, another area that can leave some cheaper DACs found wanting. For those with 700 quid to splash, then I reckon you’d be hard pushed to beat this duo when used with headphones."
"The soundstage is good, wide and deep with an ever so slight feeling that things are being slightly exaggerated. Instruments remain nice and stable and you get a good idea of where they are seated in the mix.
This is an easy to listen to preamplifier with the slight warming effect I noted previously and it has to be said that it performs very well for the money Schiit are asking you to pay. There’s reasonable amounts of detail coming through when compared to the reference and there’s good tonality…erring on the side of smoothness."

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