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Reviews for Magni

Steve Guttenberg

“The Magni headphone amp and the Modi DAC are also made in America, and they sound spectacular…The Magni amp puts out up to 1.2 watts, so it’s considerably more powerful than your average AV receiver’s headphone amp.

And unlike those built-in headphone amps, the Magni is not a chip-based amp that costs 20 cents…the Magni’s innards feature fully discrete FET/bipolar, Class AB circuitry. That means the Magni is built like a miniature high-end speaker amplifier. I don’t know of another headphone amp built that way for less than $250, and most $250-$500 amps aren’t built as well as the Magni.

I played the Magni and Modi together, and loved the sound. Like the bigger Schiit amps I’ve tested, the sound is rich, with lots of detail and oomph…They deliver bona-fide high-end sound quality.” 

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Michael Piskor

“It is a great entry level Hi-Fi amplifier that will be adored by anyone who does not want congestion on their desk at work, inside their college dorm room or perhaps even on their bedside table…I feel safe in saying the clarity on the Magni for this price is a 10/10 and that clarity is on par with portable amplifiers 4x its price."

Noble Reviews
Ed Noble

“The sound of the Modi and Magni combination is very impressive considering their modest size and price! There’s a great body to the low frequencies whilst maintaining a generally balanced tonality that manages to squeeze the best out of many good headphones. I especially enjoyed the combo with larger, more open sounding headphones. I keep taking the Sennheiser HD650 to the Schiit combo, over some considerably more expensive DAC/amp combos.”

“FINAL THOUGHTS: I’ve been smitten by the Modi and Magni combo ever since I hooked them up to my computers. I love the looks, the form factor and the build quality. The sound is beautifully dynamic, superbly detailed and extremely spacious. They manage to push the sound in the right direction with almost every pair of headphones that I throw at them. The power and performance they possess is highly impressive considering their modest price and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking for a dedicated headphone rig at this price.”

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Alpha Audio
Yung Lie

4,5 stars out of 5!

“For less than 250 euro for the Modi and Maxi you purchase an impressive system. It doesn’t just look good, it also sounds good: full and powerfull. The Schiits are quirky but impressive devices that deserve to be auditioned.”

“So how does this sound? The short answer is: suprisingly good given the price. The difference with the standard headphone output on a computer or smartphone is huge. The Modi delivers a beautiful and wide, very balanced sound. Music appears in a real soundstage, which we consider to be the hallmark of true high end. The low end is full and extended but never overpowering.”

“We also found that these components work as good as separates as they work together. The Schiit Modi and Magni make a veryy good impression on their own. The Modi will make an excellent DAC on your ‘big system’, the Magni is a more than adequate alternative for the standard headphone output on your amplifier.”

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Head-Fi 2013 Summer Buying Guide
Jude Mansilla

"What does the Magni drive? So far, everything I've thrown at it. Rated at a conservative 1.2W into 32 ohms--and with a very low noise floor--I've driven several headphones, from my most sensitive IEMs to the hard-to-drive HiFiMAN HE-6 planars."

"Because I only recently picked up the Modi and Magni, I haven't yet had a chance to compare each separately to other DACs and amps, but I can say emphatically that together they're a DAC/amp combo that has me giddy about the insane value for the buck it represents. In early listening, it has proven such a resolving, authoritative system, that it will likely be my first recommendation for those looking for an affordable desktop system with high-end performance."

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HiFi Pig
Stuart Smith

HiFiPig Recommended Components

 "...there appears to be an explosiveness (dynamism) to the presentation using the Magni/Modi combo which is very enjoyable indeed ... it is easy to forget that what we are talking about here is a very well priced bit of kit and not some piece of esoterica. "

"...does the Schiit warrant an extra couple of hundred quid? – by Christ yes! It’s an immensely enjoyable listen with many positives and only a very few negatives which at this price it would be churlish to complain about."
"Add a good pair of headphones that suit and you’ll be grinning from ear to ear."

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Hifi News & Record Review
Ken Kessler, Paul Miller

"This is honest, right on target...these guys know their Schiit."

I can’t imagine this much glorious sound from anything less expensive. It joins...a select group of components that let you wallow in decent sound for under a ton.

On Engineering

"Schiit’s Magni is surely the most the most capable single-input headphone amp at this very affordable ~£100 price point. Rated at 1.2W/32ohm, the Magni delivered a full 2W/25ohm under test (<1% THD) with a maximum output voltage capability of 8.95V into 47kohm."

"Arguably the Magni’s greatest feature, aside from its prodigious power output, is its fabulously wide 98dB A-wtd S/N ratio – another figure for the record books at this price and well beyond."

From HiFi News & Record Review, June 2014

WIRED Magazine
The Gadgets and Gear We Loved Most in May (2014)

The Magni headphone amp and Modi USB DAC are sold (separately) by a California-based audio outfit named Schiit. They make your music sound the opposite of that.

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