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Reviews for Magni 2

How to Get $6,500 Out of a $650 Sound System
Roy Furchgott, Maxim Magazine
"Pump that richer sound through a clean, powerful amp like the Schiit Magni 2, which includes a gain switch so it’s quieter for sensitive headphones or more powerful for hard-to-drive cans (I’m lookin’ at you, orthodynamic headphones). It also has outputs for powered speakers, so you can rock a small room."

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Here's a pair of high-end yet affordable components from Schiit Audio
Steve Guttenberg, CNET Audiophiliac

"The Schiit Magni 2 Uber headphone amp and Modi 2 Uber digital converter are downright affordable, but still qualify as legitimate high-end audio components."

"Next, I tried my Oppo PM-3 headphones with the Magni 2 Uber/ Modi 2 Uber stack, and the headphone's newfound transparency took by breath away. This headphone is the one to beat for the price (US $400, UK £349, AU$549). Pairing it with the two little Schiits is the most affordable way to unleash the PM-3's sound potential."

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The Magni 2U & Modi 2U By Schiit
Smit Patel, Headfonics

"Overall, the Schiit Magni 2U and the Schiit Modi 2U are a mini-powerhouse that truly shatters the general price performance ratio by putting many higher models to shame. Having recently reviewed the Fiio Q1, I thought I would not find a DAC/Amp that would perform as well as it does for its price alone but the Schiit stack definitely challenges my initial thoughts. I was not only surprised by the levels of transparency but also the hi-fidelity sound that can be attained for only $300."

"Coupled to this, the build quality of both the Schiit Magni 2U Amp and the Schiit Modi 2U DAC is simply outstanding with a well-implemented brushed aluminium chassis. Next to the polished looking PlusSound Cloud Nine amp, the Schiit stack looks decidedly classier with durability infused with functionality."

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Comparison of Mid-Fi DAC/Amp Combination Units
Marv (aka Purrin)

Compared to Grace M9xx, JDSLabs Element, LHLabs Geek Out V2 Infinity, iFi Nano iDSD

"Best stage of the bunch. The deepest, but not overly wide. Crisp controlled attacks and transients with good bite. Despite bass being a tiny bit leaner than the best, dense tones, and nuanced with excellent gradations of sound levels."

Start at the linked post and scroll down for subjective impressions and intangibles.

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What is a DAC, and Do You Need One?
G. Clay Whittaker, Popular Science


"Across the board, boy was the sound crisp. Movie soundtracks took on new depths. I heard subtleties in the dialogue of Hannibal Lecter in “Silence of the Lambs” and picked up on previously unheard parts of tracks off a favorite Weezer album."

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