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Reviews for Mjolnir

High Fidelity Magazine
Marek Dyba
“…not even the best speakers ever gave me such incredible insight into the music as Mjolnir driving LCD3 did.”
“Not only the bottom played by this new Schiit is so amazing, spectacular, but the treble as well. Even though some people claim that Audeze cans sound bit dark, but in fact there is absolutely nothing missing in the treble, that is extended to the very top, very detailed but also very rich, dense and smooth…Details are exposed, presented in a more distinct way, music starts to… shine with that wonderful ‘magical’ halo, that makes you open your eyes wider, and your heart bit fast when a stick hits a cymbal, or triangle, or bell and suddenly you can ‘see’ the air vibrating, and hear the decay suspended in this air almost indefinitely.”
“What about midrange?…there was nothing special about it – by that I mean that it was exactly as it was supposed to be – palpable, rich, colorful, with great resolution and so on – fabulous in one word, like in the real life. I can’t remember such a palpable, intimate contact with human voices as relayed by LCD3 driven by Mjolnir.”

“Many companies after creating such a great performer as Mjolnir would call it the end-game performer, place a sticker with at least 2k USD on it and just kept delivering and checking their bank account. But that not the way of Schiit Audio…Mjolnir already seems to be a complete, amazingly well sounding device, and it’s hard to imagine what could get even better.” 

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Audiophile Perspectives Quarterly
Sir Denis Eton-Hogg

“Indeed the Schiit may appear at times, depending upon the structural counterpoise of one’s favored transducer, to be ever so slightly dogmatically vigilant in rendering the tone colour of a multitude of musical instruments and human voice.”

Of course, this person and journal are entirely fictional. However, this is a real review from an experienced reviewer. Thank Purrin at Changstar.com for the quote.

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Positive Feedback
Al Chieng
"Getting involved with the music is important, and I found that whatever music I played through the Mjolnir, it pulled me in. One of the amp's strengths, besides the dark background, was keeping up the rhythmic pace and timing."
"In the end, this amp gives you the tools to make up a serious listening package. Schiit Audio definitely put time in creating something that is capable of making someone happy for the foreseeable future. What is even better is that both guys are determined to provide the best customer service and support."
"Thor's hammer delivers and strikes a blow for those looking to go balanced and have a sneaking suspicion that a little more power is necessary to make your headphones come alive."

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Head-Fi Summer 2013 Buyer's Guide
Jude Mansilla

"The Mjolnir is awesome. It's very powerful, yet exceptionally quiet (in terms of background noise). With 8W RMS per channel, it'll drive pretty much any headphone (not including electrostats, of course). Though it'll drive just about anything, what I have plugged into it pretty much all the time are a variety of planar magnetic headphones. My favorite headphone to pair with the Mjolnir so far is the Audeze LCD-3, the pair of them making for a forceful, highly resolving, world-class powerhouse of a system."

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Quobuzissme Award
Philippe Daussin

 Note: original review is in French. This is a machine translation of a few highlights.

"Sound reproduction of the highest level, even exceptional as we have said, the Scottish Fantasy Bruch, so which one is immersed in a musical flow of beauty with a violin who sings beautifully, accompanied by an orchestra a sumptuous beauty, even pushing the level where any time the strong do not give the impression that Thor's hammer will fall on our heads. Great art.

And as the music is not just that Max Bruch and Vivaldi, dives us in hyper synthetic sounds worked on the album Random Access Memories Daft Punk we almost rediscovered with Mjolnir amplifier (headphones There is a bit for something too).

In conclusion, single amplifier in the world to offer a real symmetric amplification using a proprietary schema for headphone listening, the Schiit Mjolnir won us the highest point of its outstanding sound performance, and also for the rest! Congratulations, Schiit, and big big Qobuzissime award!"

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