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Reviews for Ragnarok

Ragnarok Review from Jude Mansilla (Founder, Head-Fi.org)
Jude Mansilla

"The Schiit Audio Ragnarok is neutral and dazzlingly revealing of the music you feed it. It's capable of lifting veils you may not have known were there, and scaring away the discordant sounds of bad pairings with a few headphones that have earned reputations for being very challenging mates. When it does these things--when it allows the great headphones to be great--it's capable of helping convey some pretty heady high-end Summit-Fi sound.

What makes the Ragnarok even more of a keeper are those loudspeaker outputs out back. I hitched up one of my pairs of KEF LS50 loudspeakers to the Ragnarok using Nordost Frey 2 speaker cables, and the results with the Ragnarok have been impressive enough to keep one of my two beloved pairs of LS50's--easily one of the best sounding mini-monitor type loudspeakers I've heard at any price--permanently tethered to the Ragnarok.
Is the Ragnarok Summit-Fi stuff? Oh yeah. Big time. Do I recommend it? Unhesitatingly. To do all it does, as fantastically as it does it, for only $1699, makes it a remarkable high-end value."
Changstar Sneak Peak: Ragnarok
Marv Chen, Founder, Changstar.com
"Rag is astonishing. Bass, mids, treble. Love the bite. Love the clang and attack of metal percussion. Love the smack of the snares. If you want something forgiving, this amp is not for you. Yet so smooth. No grain. Electrons sliding on smooth ice rather than being forced through a layer of sand. I've heard many claims of other amps being "transparent", but that usually equates to antiseptic or sometimes just downright nasty (blaming the source, transducers, whatever, etc.) I've never heard anything transparent, but the beauty of the Rag's treble is its honesty without adding anything. It's like the real thing. Real rock concerts, in the local tavern, with a ton of treble, a lot of treble energy, cymbals crashing, drumsticks smacking against the rim of the snare, yet it doesn't hurt.
Mids are not lush. They are not bloomy. But you can hear the smoke arising from David Byrnes' throat. Liquid smoke. Blackness, sounds arising from nothing and decaying back to nothing. Fast. Out of nowhere. So clean - and also the space in between sounds. Bass is nuanced. Varying volumes. Sustain. Timbre, pitch down low - not thuds. You can hear how the bass drums and toms are tuned. I'm sitting in the first row. I close my eyes and realize the stage is deeper than I though yesterday - just that I'm sitting in the front row. Crank it up - loud - louder - not a problem - so refreshing since I've never been table to do that with the flea powered tube amps.

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Headphone.Guru Writer's Choice Award
Dubstep Girl

"One of my favorite headphone amplifiers of all time is the Headamp GSX MK2. It is still my reference solid-state amplifier and can drive almost any headphone to its full potential. The sound is almost perfect: neutral and grain-free with a tiny hint of warmth and enough speed and dynamics to avoid any congestion. The Schiit Ragnarok which was just recently released, is very, very good and is near identical in sound to the GSX; in fact, I myself was unable to tell them apart in a side-by-side blind test comparison! Careful listening told me that the Ragnarok had a more punchy and authoritative bass and the GSX had a more refined high end, but the differences were so small it might have just been my mind playing tricks on me.

The Ragnarok costs only $1700, which is over $1000 less than the GSX and performs much better than any other solid-state I’ve heard at this price; and it can drive speakers too! For me, this is a no brainer.

Schiit Audio has finally created a high-end statement amp that like many of their other products, is practical, affordable, and offers tremendous value for the money. The Schiit Ragnarok receives my highest recommendation for Product of the Year. 

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CNET Audiophiliac Component of the Year
Steve Guttenberg

 First-ever "Audiophiliac Component of the Year" for Ragnarok

"Magnepans aren't known for their bass prowess, but teamed with the Ragnarok the .7's low-end was magnificent. Even so, the .7 still isn't a rock-and-roller's dream speaker, but bass oomph was ahead of what I've heard from the .7 speakers with reasonably priced amps."

"Paired with my KEF LS50 bookshelf speakers again the Ragnarok kicked butt, the speakers really came alive with this amp, dynamics and bass slam were hugely impressive for a small speaker. I also had great results with my Zu Druid V speakers, and it's with those speakers I totally rocked out with the Ragnarok. Bass punch, truly visceral dynamics, combined with a sweet midrange tonality were the fruits of this amp/speaker combo."


"My high-end headphones from Abyss, Audeze, Hifiman, MrSpeakers and Sennheiser can all be fitted with balanced cables with XLR plugs, so I was eager to hear how the Ragnarok would sound with them, and yes sir, the amp's transparency was exceptional. Throw the hardest to drive headphones at the Ragnarok, and it'll take them all in stride."

"It would be worth the price if it were just a headphone amp, but it also does an exceptional job with speakers."

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Herb Reichert

"The Schiit Audio Ragnarok plus KEF LS50s ($1299) is the most enjoyable stereo system I've used in the 21st century."

"Even if the Ragnarok were only a headphone amp or only a loudspeaker amp, it would be worth more than $1700."

"Most important, it's the first amplifier of my experience that plays earth and sky, mind and body, brown eyes and blue, speakers and headphones, with equal narcotic intensity. It likes every type of music."


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Schiit Audio Ragnarok
Steven Stone, The Absolute Sound

 "The Ragnarok has seemingly unlimited reserves of resolution and inner detail, coupled with an authoritative presentation that puts it in the league of the best headphone amplifiers regardless of price."

Product of the Year


Golden Clef Award


Headphone Guru
Gary Barker