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Reviews for Vali

Head-fi Winter Buyer's Guide
Jude Mansilla

 Schiit continues to blaze trails with this one. A tube hybrid headphone amplifier, made in the U.S.A., for $119, that sounds very good. Given its price--and given that its chassis matches Schiit's $99 Modi DAC--I can't help but think of the two together as a single $218 DAC/tube hybrid amp combo component (just as I think of the Modi / Magni as a $198 combo component).

For its price, the Vali is an amazing amp...For driving headphones that are not super-sensitive--and/or for driving high-impedance headphones like the Sennheiser HD 800 and HD 600/650--the Vali is going to be the first amp I recommend for people interested in tube audio....
Earlier I mentioned the Sennheiser HD 800. If you bought yours and are still looking for a good amp match (I find the HD 800 one of the tougher amps to find a good match for), start with the Schiit Audio Vali. It's marvelous pairing, sounding full-bodied and quite detailed. You just might find yourself stopping at the Vali. I've heard the HD 800 with no fewer than a bazillion amps, and I'll say right now the Vali is by far the best value of all I've tried so far with that headphone. You can do better for the HD 800, yes. For $119? Not. Even. Close.
I honestly don't know how the Schiit guys make any money at the prices they sell their gear for; but I'll just continue to revel in the insanely high value their products provide, and let them worry about their margins. The Vali. Wow.

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The Best Vali Review, Ever...

Just click on the link and read it. The best parody of an audio review we've ever read.

One example: "The DSHA sounds like butter while the Vali sounds like I can't believe its not butter."

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CNET Audiophiliac on the Vali
Steve Guttenberg

"If you want to get a taste of tube sound on the cheap, the Vali can't be beat. If you're not sure tubes are right for you, buy a Vali and a Magni, listen for yourself and return the one you like less." 

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