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When does the clock start ticking on the 15-day returns?
When you receive the product, of course. 

But I'm ordering something for a holiday, how can 15 days be enough time?
Just let us know with a note on the order, and we'll start counting the 15-days on the holiday. We aren't uncaring machines.

How do I return something?
Just contact us via this form within 15 days of receipt of your order and we’ll give you a return authorization. When we receive your product in its original box, with any accessories intact, in like-new condition, we’ll refund the full purchase price of your product or products, minus a 5%-15% restocking fee (actual amount noted on each product page.) Of course, shipping is not included in the refund—you will pay full shipping to and from your location. Orders returned with damage or in non-stock packaging may be assessed an additional fee for reconditioning.

Do I pay a restocking fee if I want to return a product and get something else? 
Restocking will be waived if you decide to move up the line during your 15-day trial period (for example, Magni 2 to Lyr 2)--and, of course, assuming you keep the more expensive product.

Can I try every one of your products, and return the ones I don’t like? 
The 15-day return is limited to three orders per customer per year, with a maximum of two products per order. Even with our broad line, this should give you plenty of opportunity to try new gear that catches your fancy. 

What if I've dropped/broken/eaten or otherwise damaged the product, can I still return it?
We think that's pretty obviously a "no."