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Where can I buy some Schiit?
You can buy here on this site, on Amazon USA, or from our international distributors. Purchasing anywhere else will be gray market or used product, and will not be covered under the terms of our warranty or our distributors' warranties.
I found your product on eBay, is that legit?
No. It will be used product and not covered under warranty, regardless of claims by the seller. Repeat: there are NO authorized sellers on eBay, period, no way, no how, and if you buy a product from eBay, you will not have warranty coverage.
How about buying on Amazon's international presences (amazon.jp, amazon.co.ok, etc)?
Better make sure it's listed by one of our authorized distributors if you want support and warranty service. Schiit only sells USA voltages on amazon.com.
Are your products available in 220/240V?
If you order from our site, or from the appropriate international distributor, all products are available in 230V models, which are compatible with 220/240V.
Do you ship outside the United States?
Yes, and the site calculates shipping internationally. 

If I order from you today, when will my amp ship?
Each product has a shipping status under the "buy" button. If a product is not in backorder, we do everything we can to get 2-Day and Next-Day orders out the same day, unless you order late in the day.

If I order using 2-Day FedEx on a Thursday or Standard Overnight on a Friday, will I get my order on a Saturday?
No. If you want to have your item delivered on a Saturday, please email us at [email protected]. We will need to bill you for the additional delivery charge. 

FedEx took three days to deliver my two day package, don't they have a delivery guarantee? I want you to send me video proof that you verbally chastised the delivery driver for their failures and I want my money back?
All delivery services whether they move boxes, crates, or shipping containers are under tremendous strain due to the disruptions caused by the response to the global pandemic.  FedEx and USPS are simultaneously dealing with significantly more shipping traffic, difficulty in staffing their facilities, and a significant reduction in commercial air travel which reduces air cargo capacity they use to move packages on their network.  They are trying hard to deal with these problems and we speak to them regularly about their response.  Due to these unprecedented challenges FedEx has suspended their money-back delivery guarantee until further notice. 

What if there’s a note under the “Add to Cart” button that reads “Rolling Backorder, Estimated Shipping 3-4 Weeks,” or, “In Production, shipping 7-10 days, or “Aliens have invaded California and are holding the Schiit facility, no shipping is anticipated for the duration.”
The first line on the product page is always the stocking status of the product, In order, the stocking statuses outlined above mean:
1. The product is on backorder, and if you order now, we estimate we'll be shipping your order in 3-4 weeks. Please note that "estimate" means "guess." We guess wrong sometimes.
2. The product has begun another production run, and will be shipping in 7-10 business days, unless a meteor hits the PC board assembly house or something else unexpected happens. Yes, unexpected stuff does happen.
3. The products may be being consumed or transformed into antimatter weapons for use by the aliens. We have no control over this. However, we believe the probability of this happening is relatively low.
Do you charge my card immediately, or when you ship?
We won’t charge your order before we ship, though we will authorize your card when you submit your order. The hold on your funds should be dropped after 3 days if we don’t ship before then. 
If I order two products and one is in backorder, do you ship the available one separately?
No. Our site calculates shipping rates for all your items together in a single box, so if you want to buy two products and have one shipped earlier, please place two separate orders.
I want you to deliver the package at a very special time, like on the 28th at 11:13 PM, and I need you to get a signature from my neighbor, but he’s real old and you’ll have to wake him up, is this cool?
Guys, we don’t smoke cigars and golf with the CEO of FedEx, nor do we have any special ins with the commissar of the Post Office. This means we have absolutely zero control over when and how your package arrives. If you look up the service on the FedEx or USPS websites, they’ll be explicit about how and when a product will arrive.
Do you require a signature for delivery?
It depends on the carrier and the service. For FedEx Ground less than $500, no. Over $500, we require a signature by default.
I want you to declare a lower value for customs. Can you do that?
Um. No.
Will you mark the shipment with a lower value?
Will you mark it as a gift or repair?
No. All shipments will be marked as merchandise with the full retail value as required by U.S. and international law, unless it is, like, actually a repair.
(Insert manufacturer here) marked my $1500 headphone purchase as a gift with a value of $100. Why won't you do that?
That other company is willing to accept the risk. We aren't. We don't cheat. We follow the rules.
Why aren't you shipping to Russia?
In March of 2014 Russia customs instituted new rules that effectively stopped all direct shipments from most overseas manufacturers to Russian citizens when the value of the goods exceeds about $200 US. Goods that are valued under $200 US require a tremendous amount of paperwork to verify the value of the goods and the authenticity of the shipment. When the situation in Russia changes, we will reevaluate this policy.
Can I use a reshipper?
Yes, but please be aware of the following before using a reshipper: (1)The 15-day returns window begins the day that your product is delivered to the reshipper (not to you). (2) You have three days from the delivery of your order to make a claim for any loss or damage incurred during shipping. (3) If your order has a problem then we will be sending the repaired or replaced units to the reshipper (not to you).
Wait, what if the carrier loses/damages/eats my package?
Then you file a claim. Claims through FedEx are simple, quick, and straightforward. Claims through USPS are, well, less so.
What if they say it was delivered, but I can’t find my package?
Contact the carrier for proof of delivery, and file a claim with them if they cannot prove delivery. If you believe it was stolen, contact the police and forward their report to the carrier.