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The Basics


Is that really your name?
In case you didn’t get it from typing in the URL, reading the home page, reading the About Us section, and, like, every page of this site, YES, that is our name. And yes, it’s pronounced exactly how you think.

Are you guys for real?

Absolutely. Yeah, our name is an attention-getter, but you’ll quickly find that we’re dead-serious about audio. 

What do you stand for?
Changing audio for the better (without asking for a ransom).

Do you seriously make your stuff in the USA?

But wouldn’t it be cheaper doing it in China?
Maybe. But we’re not going to find out.

Well, hell, all your parts are probably Chinese anyway, right?
Um, no. The vast majority of our parts, on a total cost basis, come from right here in the USA, from companies manufacturing their products in the USA. 

I have a question about a product you made at Theta or Sumo! Can I ask you?
We can’t support or comment on previous products, out of respect for the companies who currently do business under that name, or hold the brand name.

That’s all right, I have a question about how your product compares to something you don't make.
Sorry, we don’t comment on products made by other manufacturers. See schiit.com/about/principles

That's cool, I just want to know if you have a new product or upgrade coming out soon?
Ask Apple about their upcoming products. Yeah. Same goes here. Sorry, but for obvious reasons, we don't discuss new products or upgrades before release. 

I’m sorry, I can’t take you guys seriously, what can I do?
That’s cool. Not everyone gets us. But ask yourself this: would you rather buy product from a soulless company that worries about how they can offend the minimum number of people in the world? If so, cool. There are lots of other manufacturers out there.