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Sales Tax

Why are you charging me sales tax? I don’t live in California or Texas!
Sorry, guys, the free ride on sales tax is ending. Don’t blame us, blame the feds. Or, specifically, a 2018 Supreme Court ruling (South Dakota v. Wayfair) where they decided that remote retailers (like us) must collect and remit state and local sales taxes. Of course, all the states are now jumping on this (because $), so we need to start collecting and remitting local taxes to all states that have sales taxes. 

Ho ho, that’s a scam! How do I know my sales tax is going to my state? 
We are working with an industry-leading tax service to ensure the taxes are properly collected and remitted to the appropriate agency. 

I don’t want to pay sales tax, even if it goes to my state! This ain’t fair!
Yeah, we get it. This ain’t fun. We don’t want to collect and remit to literally thousands of different local tax jurisdictions (for those of you who live in a state with a blanket sales tax, consider that the sales tax in many states varies by county and city...and for those of you living in a state with no sales tax, please have a hearty laugh at our expense.) If you don’t like this, contact your state and federal representatives and let them know how you feel. We don’t make the law. We simply do our best to comply with the letter and spirit of it.

I'm not in the USA, do I pay sales tax?
Nope! You're exempt from our craziness. Also, you don't have to try to claw back any VAT, because we don't have that. So no sales tax and no VAT for international orders. You may have your own craziness in the form of customs and local taxes, so please be aware of those.