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Schiit Introduces Magni 3

Redefines the Entry Level Headphone Amp with 2X Performance, $99 Price
September 19, 2017, Valencia, CA. Today, Schiit announced the availability of the Magni 3 headphone amplifier, featuring fully 2X the output power of the original Magni, together with greater flexibility and significantly enhanced measured performance, for $99.
“Magni 3 replaces both Magni 2 and Magni 2 Uber,” said Jason Stoddard, Co-Founder of Schiit Audio. “It has all the features of Magni 2 Uber, with even higher performance, but carries the 2-figure price tag from the base Magni 2.”
Magni 3 is rated at a full 2W RMS per channel into 32 ohms, thanks to an all-new, fully discrete, fully-complementary current-feedback gain stage, together with a linear power supply with over 6000uF of filter capacitance and a 21VA transformer. 
“This really isn’t an entry-level amp anymore,” said Jason Stoddard. “It’s an entirely new topology, one that offers considerably higher bandwidth, together with lower distortion and noise, than any other Magni before it. In fact, Magni 3’s gain stage is substantially similar to the one used in the $699 Vidar speaker power amplifier.”
Magni 3 features virtually all of the flexibility and cosmetic touches that distinguished the previous Magni 2 Uber from Magni 2—at a price that’s $50 lower. Magni 3 is ready to be a complete desktop control center, with included gain switching, preamp outputs, and automatic preamp output disconnect when headphones are inserted. Magni 3 also features an anodized, brushed aluminum top panel.
“We moved Modi 2 to a brushed aluminum top to match,” said Jason Stoddard. Modi 2’s $99 price does not increase, making a Modi 2/Magni 3 combination a potent, high-performance DAC/amp stack for $198.
Magni 3 is available now at schiit.com for $99.
About Schiit Audio
Founded in June 2010 by Jason Stoddard and Mike Moffat, Schiit has grown into a leader in affordable high-end audio, with a wide range of products spanning DACs, amplifiers and preamplifiers, and headphone amplifiers, from $49 to $2299.